How to Find the Perfect Gift This Christmas

How to Find the Perfect Gift This Christmas

Struggling to find the perfect gift for that special someone? I've been in the same boat! As a young woman, shopping for my dad isn't always the easiest. There are so many things I love, but what would HE love? With the Christmas season coming, we thought it best to do a blog for everyone out there lost on what to gift.


Below are some great tips on finding the best present for someone. By considering their colour palette and style, it becomes a lot easier to determine what they would look good in and like. Through observing what customers are buying, we at Artina's should be able to give you a good sense of what someone of any age or gender wants.

Earrings by Grant Pauls, ring and bracelets by Victoria Harper and pendant by Hollie Bartlett.


What is their colouring?

Colouring plays a huge role in choosing jewellery for someone. People often coordinate their pieces according to their hair, skin and eyes. In the following photos, you can see some examples of how these traits are matched to jewellery. Finding this harmony is simple when you take a moment to consider the features listed below.

Skin Tone


Make note of the giftee's skin tone. Consider whether it has warm, neutral or cool undertones. You can tell the tone by the colour of their veins: blue or purple for cool, blue-green for neutral and olive or green for warm. Consider yellow gold, brass or bronze for warm and sterling silver or white gold for cool, either or for neutral. The kind of gemstone also matters. For cool tones, check out amethyst, a stone that is blue and purple. Also flattering would be gems like blue sapphire, black pearl and labradorite. For warm tones, try stones like peridot, yellow citrine, aquamarine and BC jade. In the photo above, Honica's mystic collection suits Mahaya's warm, olive complexion. Likewise, the silver chain and pendant complement Lera's pale, neutral skin nicely. Choosing a stone and metal that go with the giftee’s skin tone will ensure jewellery that blends well with their look.

Pendant by Grant Pauls


Hair Colour


You should also consider hair colour, especially if you are looking for a necklace or earrings. This feature can be tricky because it can change depending on the season and with age. Some people change their colour a lot as well. In both photos, you can see that the earrings go well with the models' hair. The colours and metals stick out, but do not contrast too harshly. In the same vein, they complement and bring attention to the undertones and highlights. For people who dye their locks often, you may want to go with purely metal or cubic zirconia and diamond jewellery, unless they favour a specific stone and/or metal. For greying hair, try focusing more on their skin tone and eye colour. Grey and white are neutral, so they will go with any colour.

Earrings by Honica and Victoria Poynton.


Eye Colour


Never forget the eyes! Gemstones that match the colour are almost always a good idea, but other colours can highlight them as well. In the image above, Lera is wearing a BC jade necklace and matching earrings. Her eyes have notes of brown and blue but the jade really brings out the green and compliments their overall look. Even though there is no brown in the set by Honica, the darkness and warmth of the pieces still highlight Mahaya's eyes. Rich and dark brown, they are beautifully accentuated by the warm, dark purples and greens in her jewellery. If you'd like to highlight this feature, you may want to go for a necklace or pair of earrings, as these will be closest to the face. Choosing a gemstone that is the same colour, or one that compliments the colour nicely, can really make the giftee's eyes pop.


If you’re looking for a gift that has a deeper meaning, you may want to consider the giftee’s birthstone as well. Try finding their gemstone in a colour that matches their look. We can also do custom orders, in case you would like a certain gem set in a specific piece. Check out the blog below to learn more about birthstones.

Birthstones 101 – Meanings, History and Traditions


What is their style?

Personal style is of course very important to remember while you're shopping this season. If you're close to a person, you'll have been able to observe their style regularly. If not, make note the next time you see them. Which of the categories below do they fall into? If the giftee has any social media, check that out. What do they wear on a day-to-day basis, on a special occasion?

Minimalist or Maximalist


If the giftee likes the minimalist look, you may want to go for simple pieces that are not heavily adorned. We often have men come in looking for bands, even my own dad has been rocking a simple band lately. In the above photo, Carl is wearing a gold and silver eagle ring, the look is masculine and minimalist. Many of the artists here incorporate minimalism into their pieces, look at jewellery by Karen Konzuk and Pamela Lauz for example. As for maximalism, we have a large selection of statement pieces. Check out Honica’s selection, which features many chunky statement necklaces like the one above. Ivan Dobren's rings are also a must-see for anyone who is shopping for someone who loves bold, out-there jewellery!


Modern or Traditional


With the resurgence of so many vintage styles, it isn’t always easy to tell whether someone is into a modern look or a traditional one. Something you can consider is whether or not they like keeping up with the trends. Do they like to stack their rings, layer their necklaces? With the fad of ring stacking being so hot right now, we often see younger people taking an interest in stacker rings. Be sure to check out Hollie Bartlett, Victoria Harper and Pamela Lauz if the giftee has a thing for ring stacking. Necklace layering is also popular with the younger generation, with many of us hunting for dainty necklaces. As for the older generation, we see them looking at more bold and dazzling jewellery. Pieces like those by Elizabeth Burry, Lynda Constantine and Lisa Ridout tend to sell better. Keep in mind though, everyone has their own style, regardless of age.

For some ideas on ring stacking and necklace layering, check out the blogs below.

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Colourful or Colourless


Deciding whether you want to go colourful or not can be difficult. Just because someone wears vibrant clothing, it doesn’t necessarily mean they wear loud jewellery. They may rock a bold, vibrant statement piece, like the BC jade necklace above, with a neutral shirt to draw attention to their bling. Likewise, the giftee may wear a simple ring or two with a wild getup. It really all depends on what you see them wearing though. Some people may love to wear as much colour as possible. For people who love colourful jewellery, jewellers you can’t miss are Honica, Korite and Debra Nelson. The spirit beads above are worn with a monochrome top, drawing all the eye's attention to the jewellery. Although the model is female, we often see young men looking to purchase a bead to wear on a rubber cord or leather string.


Some Other Things to Keep in Mind

The shape of someone’s body and face impact the way jewellery looks on them too. Below I have included links to two blogs that may be helpful if you’d like more info on these points.

The Best Jewellery for your Body Type and Style

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Consider the jewellery the giftee already wears often. Are they a bracelet, pendant or earrings person? Which shapes do they like? By simply observing what they wear on day-to-day basis, you can learn a lot.


Pendants by Carrie Matilpi and bracelets by Charles Harper.


Written by Danielle Mier

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