Birthstones 101- Meanings, History, and Traditions

Birthstones 101- Meanings, History, and Traditions

In the book of Exodus, Aaron outfitted his breastplate with 12 stones that represented the tribes of Israel. This is the earliest known source of what’s now referred to as a person’s birthstone. Today, gemstones are used across many cultures for various practices, rituals, and aesthetic purposes. Geologist have even confirmed that real gemstones have a physical effect on people!  

Culturally, a person’s birthstone can hold a special kind of significance similar to their Zodiac sign. Many people are gifted with a piece of jewellery featuring their birthstone after they're born. 

If you’re unfamiliar with birthstones, this guide will show you what you need to know about them and some of our favorite pieces.


January - Garnet

Ancient Egyptians believed garnet to be the symbol of life. It’s considered a protective stone and was usually used to help shield the wearer. You may recognize garnet necklaces worn by royalty. 

The deep, rich red garnet is what it's known for the most. It’s no wonder that it’s considered the symbol of life with that blood-like colour! Garnet is also associated with vitality, love, and life. 


indigenous-made garnet pendant


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February - Amethyst

Amethyst is also known for its deep, rich colour. Rarely can a gemstone match with both warm and cool tones. Although amethyst was once known to be a gem of the royals, nowadays, it's more associated with spirituality and mental clarity. 

You’ll often find amethyst in spiritual healing shops, but Artina’s Jewellery also carries a few amethyst pieces. 

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March - Aquamarine

Aquamarine is often used to celebrate 19th wedding anniversaries. If you’re lucky enough to be born in March, aquamarine is also your birthstone! This light-blue coloured gemstone is reminiscent of Caribbean beaches and spring skies. 

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April - Diamond

Every girl’s “best friend,” is the diamond. For those born in April, your “best friend” can come in a variety of colours including pink, red, blue, green, and yellow. Diamonds are notoriously known for their strict clarity rating that shows how intense the diamond’s shine truly is.  

The diamond is one of the hardest and strongest gemstones out there. Due to their durability, value, and beauty, they’re considered the symbol of eternal love.

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May - Emerald

Ever heard of the phrase “April flowers bring May flowers”? May is truly the peak time for Spring. As such, the emerald, the symbol of rebirth, is the birthstone of May. Emeralds are believed to give the wearer good fortune and eternal youth. 

Many believe that emeralds can promote healing and have even been predicted to allow the wearer to see into the future and give them heightened intelligence. 

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Emerald can be quite expensive. We recommend jade or peridot if your budget is limited.

June - Pearl

Pearls have associations across multiple cultures from the ancient Greeks to Chinese dragon fables. They are the only gems created from living creatures. It’s incredibly difficult and time-consuming to create real pearls, making them one of the most valuable gemstones. 

Due to these qualities, they’re often associated with purity, wisdom, and divinity. Pearls come in a variety of shapes and colours, and make a great Valentine’s Day gift.  

Simple pearl pendant with minimal features.

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July - Ruby

Rubies are often the symbol of the 15th and 40th wedding anniversary. They have strong connections to strength, often used by warriors to remain connected to their physical strength and stamina. 

Indigenous-made raven pendant featuring a ruby.

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August - Peridot

In ancient Egypt, peridot, the “gem of the sun,” was said to protect the wearer at night. Legend has it that it was able to repel nightmares and evil spirits. This is because many believed that the look of the peridot was similar to the Sun. 

If you’re born in August, it makes complete sense to you that your birthstone is the embodiment of the Sun. 


Simple peridot pendant with two elegant gems.


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September - Sapphire

Sapphire is said to protect the wearer from physical harm by repelling bad intentions and envy. Some legends say that sapphire even has medicinal properties and is highly spiritual. 

Today, it's one of the rarest gemstones and one of the few stones that can naturally produce a six-pointed star pattern. 


Indigenous-made moon pendant featuring sapphire gems.


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October - Opal

Some legends believe that if you aren’t born in October and are bold enough to wear opal, it will turn black! Other legends believe that opals could make the wearer invisible. 

Opals are truly a magical stone and are believed to have intense healing properties. It’s light-catching properties allow the stone to produce a multi-coloured fluorescence. If you’re born in October, you can claim this magical stone as your own!


Simple and raw chalcedony gemstone on a sterling silver chain.


We're currently out of opal jewellery. Chalcedony has very similar properties and style.

November - Topaz

There are many legends of the wonders of topaz across many cultures. People once believed it could break spells, especially spiteful angry ones. Nowadays, topaz is believed to be the stone of awareness and wisdom by allowing the wearer to have clearer thoughts.


Simple hanging blue topaz teardrop necklace.


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December - Turquoise

Turquoise is known for its striking colour and is one of the most spiritual stones among gemstones. It’s said to provide physical comfort, as it can facilitate a sense of connection between physical and spiritual forms. Across many customs, it’s used in releasing rituals. 


Turquoise-beaded necklace perfect for layering.


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