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The World’s Largest Selection of Hand Crafted West Coast Native and Contemporary Canadian Jewellery

Artina’s Jewellery, with two locations in Victoria and Vancouver BC, has the world’s largest selection of Hand Crafted Canadian JewelleryWe showcase over 90 of Canada’s most talented artists including aboriginal West Coast carvers and contemporary Canadian jewellers. Family owned and operated for over 25 years, we specialize in unique, handcrafted jewellery and take pride in providing superior customer service.

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14KW Wolf Frog Tanzanite Wrap Ring

Rings First Nations Canadian, Alex Helin
CAD Price: $2,600.00
USD Price: $2,008.76

Atlantis Chunky Necklace

Fashion Jewellery Necklaces Contemporary Canadian, Honica

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Large Rectangular Hummingbird Pendant

Gold Pendants First Nations Canadian, James McGuire

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