March Birthstone | About Aquamarine Stones and Jewellery

March Birthstone | About Aquamarine Stones and Jewellery

About The Stone

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. Gifting your March baby friend with aquamarine jewellery is always a solid failsafe. Aquamarine is also the gem of the 19th wedding anniversary and is said to enhance the happiness in a marriage. It looks great on most skin tones and can produce multiple different hues from seafoam green to deep blue. It’s super easy to find affordable aquamarine or sea-inspired gemstones like it from most jewelers. 

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Aquamarine gets its colour from trace amounts of ferrous iron, and some stones may even include “snow stars” or liquid droplets. Aquamarine is a variety of beryl, in other words, it’s a compound containing aluminum and rare beryllium. 

World's largest aquamarine cut in the Smithsonian Institute. Aquamarine gets its colour from trace amounts of ferrous iron, and some stones may even include “snow stars” or liquid droplets.
The world's largest cut of aquamarine (Smithsonian Institute.)

Most untreated stones have a greenish tint that will disappear once heated. Today, most people prefer to have a slight greenish tint in their stones, so aquamarine can be left untreated oftentimes. Aquamarine has colours ranging from dark blue, greenish-blue, blue-green, all the way to seafoam green. High-quality gems have high clarity and are almost transparent with slight greenish-blue hues. 

Aquamarine History 

Aquamarine is associated with the sea. Its name comes from the Latin word for seawater and was said to keep sailors safe at sea. There’s plenty of folklore about Roman fishermen, St. Thomas, and other sailors using aquamarine for protection at sea.    

Throughout history, aquamarine has also been used to help with bloating, poisonings, and nausea. More importantly, it's used to help settle tempers and keep the wearer calm. Pliny the Elder, an ancient Roman naturalist believed the stone had real mermaid powers, saying “the most esteemed beryls are those which in colour resemble the pure green of the sea.” 

A highly renowned stone, aquamarine jewellery has even been found on Egyptian mummies. In 1936, the Brazilian government gifted Lady Roosevelt with a dark blue aquamarine stone. Most of the world’s aquamarine comes from Brazil. The world’s latest cut of aquamarine currently lives in The Smithsonian Institute and was found in Brazil by Dom Pedro. 

Spiritual Connections to Aquamarine

Aquamarine folklore has associations with both the sea and the heavens. It’s believed that aquamarine reflective properties could reveal thoughts hidden deep within the soul, making it a popular stone among mystics. Try using it yourself during your next meditation for calmness!

This stone is helpful for those who desire calmness and healing from emotional trauma. Aquamarine is also said to help with stress relief and help release suppressed emotions by instilling inner peace. Wearing the stone can help clear the mind and calm the heart. 

The two Zodiac signs in March are Pisces and Aries. For the emotional Pisces, aquamarine can help work through those many emotions in a peaceful way. And as for the feisty Aries, aquamarine is perfect for preventing impulsive decisions or for cooling down their intense temper.     

How To Care For Aquamarine Jewellery

Like most beryl stones, aquamarine is highly suitable for wearing. Its Mohs hardness ranges from 7.5 to 8, making it suitable for everyday wear. 

It’s relatively easy when it comes to cleaning and maintaining aquamarine. You only need to polish your jewellery every six months or whenever there are imperfections. To do this, follow our cleaning guide here

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To maintain your aquamarine jewellery, avoid getting heavy creams or other cosmetic products on your jewellery. Always remove your jewellery when cooking, working out, or bathing. When you’re done wearing aquamarine jewellery, place it in a soft box and store it away safely. 

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