Debra Nelson


      Debra has always been an admirer of beautiful handmade things, with a particular interest in jewellery.

      After leaving the corporate world, she found herself living in Whistler, BC where she had more time to invest in her creative side.  Her corporate business experience and passion to create have more than once taken a hobby to a thriving business.

      Always intrigued by the way things are put together, she started to explore making jewellery for herself and then as gifts.  Unfortunately, the hobby had to be put on hold, as a move to Ontario took place at a time when she needed to be closer to family. 

      After returning to BC and getting inspired by so many local artisans, Debra again started to explore different styles and techniques of jewellery making. The result was jewellery and custom work desired by friends and then clients. 

      Travelling with her husband and visiting European countries presents opportunities to explore and collect different gemstones and beautiful findings.  Debra’s passion is creating unique, one-of-a-kind statement jewellery.  Her collection includes high quality precious and semi-precious gemstones, pearls, Swarovski Crystal, wire wrapped gemstones and wedding jewellery. It is constantly evolving, inspired by what new technique or gemstone catches her eye.

      A self-taught artisan, Debra knows a piece is finished when she wants to keep it for herself!

      Debra currently lives in Victoria, BC.

      113 products

      113 products