The Best Jewellery For Your Body Type and Style

The Best Jewellery For Your Body Type and Style

Best Jewellery For Your Body Type

We get questions all the time about what size chain you should wear and what style of necklace suits your body type best. This can be kind of a tricky question since women’s bodies can be so diverse. As for myself, I’m only 5’3, I’m very curvy with a small waist, and I have big hands and feet for my size. I prefer clothing that’s a little more loose-fitting and accessories on the masculine side. Body type scales such as the fruit model don’t align with what I actually look like since other factors, like my hands and face shape, attribute to how jewellery looks on my body. 

Many stylists recognize this problem and instead resort to the Kibbe body type scale when determining someone’s body type. Rather than focusing purely on your body’s shape, Kibbe body types assess whether your body is made up of sharp lines (Yang) or soft curves (Yin). After discovering this method, I realized that I could take inspiration from other body types if I wanted to emphasize certain features, something I spoke about in the best earrings for your face shape blog. I recommend trying the same thing for yourself when assessing your body type. 

The Kibbe Body Types, Explained

Infographic of yin and yang scale. Uses examples Taylor Swift (dramatic), Sandra Oh (natural), Diana Spencer (classic), Zooey Deschanel (gamine), and SZA (romantic).

I won’t go into too much detail on the Kibbe body types in this blog since we’re just talking about jewellery. there are lots of tests online you can take with the full explanations. As mentioned, the scale is based on Yin and Yang attributes. Within this scale, there are five main families: dramatic, natural, classic, gamine, and romantic. Of those five body families, the scale also breaks down into 13 various subcategories.   

The Kibbe types are not an exact science and shouldn’t be taken as such. Even Kibbe himself (the stylist who created the scale) says it shouldn't be taken as a rigid scale. For example, I’m likely within the gamine family but I don’t fit into every descriptor. Instead, I pull from the other families when those descriptors best fit me. It’s important to remember that you should base these attributes on how you see yourself and how you want to be perceived more than anything else. Trying to define yourself and your style in a rigid way will only lead to frustration.   

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Dramatic - Yang Leaning

Dramatic body types have sharp and defined features with virtually no curvy lines. Both your body and face shape will appear elongated and precise. Taylor Swift is a good example of a true Dramatic body type. This doesn’t mean you need to look exactly like Miss T-Swift, there are other subcategories of this body type. For example, Serena Williams is not a true Dramatic but based on her body type and facial features, she has very defined lines that would place her into this category. 

Other common characteristics of a Dramatic body type include some of the following. 

Infographic explaining the features of dramatic body type. This infographic uses Serena Williams to explain what features constitute a dramatic body type.

If you see a lot of these features in yourself, jewellery that mimics the same long lines in your body is super complimentary. Play around with geometric shapes, bold looks, and even jewellery that’s a bit more abstract. When styling these pieces, let the jewellery speak for itself and seek balance in your outfit. If I were styling Taylor Swift, I’d put her into a Lisa Ridout bracelet and a Jean Yves Nantel necklace. As for Serena, I’d like to see her stacking Ivan Dobren or Hollie Bartlett's rings. 

As for necklace length, I wouldn’t go any shorter than 18 inches without trying it on first, especially if you’re tall. 

Natural - Yang Leaning With More Balance 

Natural body types are still angular but they’re often cut with some softer edges. Sandra Oh is a great example of the Natural body type. She’s often styled in pieces that have both strong lines and smooth edges. If you look at Jennifer Aniston, you can see very defined lines but they’re a little softer than the Dramatic body types. 

Other common characteristics of the Natural body type include some of the following.  

Infographic explains the features of a natural body type. The infographic uses Jennifer Aniston as an example.

If you identify with the Natural body type, go for jewellery with an organic feel and defined lines. The lines in your jewellery shouldn’t feel perfectly formed, there should be a natural element to it.

Baroque pearls, like these earrings by Wendy Pierson, are a great trend to try out if you identify with this body type.

If I styled both these women, I’d add more jewellery with natural gemstones to their outfits. The gemstones would bring out an earthy feel, which is something that natural body types look amazing in. Karley Smith just dropped a lot of new pieces with natural elements like gemstones and textures. We also picked out this turquoise ring by Richard Lang

Classic - Balance and Symmetry 

Classic body types have an even balance of curves and lines. They do not have very distinct features, most classic body types have moderate features that are very symmetrical. Examples of Classic body types include Princess Dianna and Scarlet Johansen.   

Other common characteristics of the Classic body type include some of the following.  

Infographic explaining the features of a classic body type. The infographic uses Scarlet Johanson as an example.

For classic body types, simplicity is key. Although Princess Dianna was a style icon in the ’80s and ‘90s, her style was made of simple pieces put together in a well-thought-out way. I’d recommend trying the same thing with your jewellery. Go for pieces that are minimal and symmetrical. I pulled some pieces from Travis Henry, Victoria Harper, and Pamela Lauz since they're all known for their clean lines. 

I’m not crazy about what Scarlett Johansen is wearing because it’s very busy and takes away from her show-stopping face. If you want to wear more jewellery, layer your pieces carefully. Classic body types can often make the most basic pieces look effortlessly beautiful, in a very Princess Dianna way– tres chic! 

Gamine - Distinct Balance and Symmetry 

Gamine body types are also a combination of yin and yang but will not be as blended as a Classic body type. Gamine body types are often described as having “pixie-like” features. They’re the people who can pull off short hairstyles and still look ultra feminine. Celebrities with this body type include Zooey Deschanel and Janelle Monae. Think of people who could have a Classic body type but have an energetic appearance.  

Other common characteristics of the Gamine body type include some of the following.  

Infographic explains the attributes of gamine body type. The infographic uses Janelle Monae as an example.

Because Gamine body types appear highly energetic, go for simple pieces that have small exciting details. You can really show off your personality with your jewellery. Try chokers and other jewellery with a flamboyant flair to it. Artists like Fred Myra, Dushka, and Tom Gregorczyk

Romantic - Yin Leaning

Romantic body types have little to no yang features, these body types are very soft with round edges. They typically have very full, feminine figures with soft facial features. Celebrities with this body type include Christina Hendricks and SZA.   

Other common characteristics of the Romantic body type include some of the following.  

Infographic explaining the attributes of romantic body type. The infographic uses Christina Hendricks as an example.

For Romantic body types, pearls are your best friend. Jewellery with pearls will really add to your femininity. Look for jewellery with curves and intricate details. If you identify with this body type, check out the collections from Brett Borrie and Carrie Matilpi

If I was styling Christina Hendricks in this picture, I would add some earrings from Victoria Poynton to really make her outfit pop. Similar to Gamine body types, necklaces closer to your neckline will look the best on you. 

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