Tom Gregorczyk

      Tom Gregorczyk was born in Wroclaw, Poland on March 7, 1977. He moved from an Austrian refugee camp where his family lived for two years, then fled Europe, before settling in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1981 when he was just four. The family moved to Kelowna when Tom was fifteen. Tom learned the art of goldsmithing from his father at an early age. He works with gold and precious gems, but specializes in raw gold nuggets in their natural form. These nuggets are from historic Gold Rush areas, true 'Klondike Gold'. He uses nuggets that are approximately 22 karat weight. He is inspired by local wildlife and scenery, as well as the history of British Columbia and the Gold Rush, using both Native symbols and prospectors in many of his pieces. Tom is an energetic, fun loving young man who lives and works in Kelowna, British Columbia located in Canada's beautiful Okanagan Valley