Jean-Yves Nantel


      Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1949, Jean-Yves Nantel has been working and producing jewellery art as a self-taught artist since the beginning of the 1980's. His artistic interest began during art class in a Montreal high school with Brother Jerome Paradis, a teacher and artist. Jean-Yves later found his artistic expression creating jewellery.

      He works along with his wife, Odette. He has been honoured with the prestigious Jean-Marie Gauvreau prize in 1996. He also won an award of excellence in a joint contest of the Metal Arts Guild of Ontario and Quebec Craft Council in 1998. His works have been exhibited in Paris, New York, Chicago, Auckland, NZ, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Tobermory, and both Salt Spring Island and Victoria in British Columbia.

      Jean-Yves Nantel works with sterling silver and titanium and uses an anodization technique which produces different tints. His tools are similar to using a pen and brush coupling the tints with abrasions to capture reflecting light. Varied composition methods enable him to explore form in an expressive free manner. He constantly searches for innovative methods of assembling and welding the difficult to work with titanium. His rewards are countless and he finds his work stimulating and exciting.

      Any of Jean-Yves titanium pieces are available to be ordered in 4 different colours:

      Pink, Gold, Turquoise, and Blue.

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      150 products