How to Find the Best Earrings For Your Face Shape

How to Find the Best Earrings For Your Face Shape

Your earrings can change the shape of your face by either emphasizing or minimizing features. Earrings can essentially help “balance” your facial features. Of course, you can wear whatever earrings you want to! These tips are meant to help you pick out a pair of earrings that will help balance your facial symmetry and emphasize your best features.  

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Round Faces

Round faces are circular with round cheekbones that are often the most prominent feature. Your brows and chin may be a little smaller compared to the rest of your face if you have a round shape. Celebrities with this face shape include beauties Chrissy Teigen and Selena Gomez.

Round face example.

To elongate the face, try minimal long drop earrings or chandelier earrings. Your face may be proportional, but wearing short and chunky earrings can often make the face appear busy. If you want something that will make your cheekbones pop, try curved earrings as a statement piece.   


Drop chandelier jade earrings with gold detail. Minimal earrings made with real BC jade.

BC Jade and filled gold drop earrings by Debra Nelson.

Curved sterling silver Eagle earrings.

Shop these curved Raven feather earrings by Grant Pauls here

Square Faces

Square faces are the opposite of round faces and look much more angular. If you have a square face, your chin and cheeks are your strongest features. Square foreheads and jawlines are proportional to each other and very angular. Celebrities with this face shape include Haley Bieber and Angelina Jolie.

Square face example 

In contrast to the oval face, to soften your features and round out your face, try short drop earrings. However, if you want your features to stand out, go for some simple hoops or oval earrings. 

Minimal drop earrings with bright green Swarovski crystals and sterling silver details.

Shop these green Swarvoski crystal earrings made by Debra Nelson here.

Thick sterling silver hoops. Hand-carved by Indigenous artist Grant Paul.

Shop these sterling silver abstract Orca earrings made by Grant Pauls here.

Heart Face

Heart-shaped faces have prominent foreheads and cheekbones but a more narrow jawline. If you have a heart-shaped face, you may find you want to fill out the space in your jawline to balance out your forehead. Celebrities with this face shape include Rihanna and Lily Collins.

Heart face example.

To fill out more of your jawline, try to go for teardrop earrings. Play with several different kinds of teardrop earrings from dainty tassels to spoon-shaped earrings to see which of your features stand out the most. 

Humming bird teardrop earrings made with black argillite. Indigenous hand-crafted earrings.

Hummingbird Argillite earrings made by Amy Edgars. 

Eagle teardrop earrings made with sterling silver and black gem. Hand-carved Indigenous design.

Eagle teardrop earrings made by Victoria Harper.

Sterling silver long drop earrings with hand-carved floral details.

Shop these floral textured teardrop earrings made by Janet Stein here

Oval Face

Oval faces have very soft features that are proportional to each other. You may find your face is a little longer than a round face, but you have similar proportions. Celebrities with oval face shapes include Eva Mendez and Bella Hadid. 

Oval face example.

Because your face is very proportionate, you can essentially use any of these tips to emphasize certain features. We recommend studs, hoops, and huggies. Huggie earrings are making a HUGE comeback this year, and oval faces look amazing in them! 

Sterling silver swirl detail huggie earrings.

Shop these sterling silver and cubic zirconia huggie earrings by Janet Stein here.

Simple hoop earrings with texture. Hand-made in Canada.

Sterling silver hoops made by Gam Studios.

Industrial-style filled gold and sterling silver stud earrings.

Sterling silver and 14k filled gold made by Lynda Constantine.

Diamond Face

Diamond faces have facial features with a lot of long, vertical lines. If you have a diamond face, you may find that your chin is more narrow but your forehead is quite high. Diamond faces often have prominent, captivating eyes. Celebrities with this face shape include Taylor Swift and Megan Fox. 

Diamond face example.

Because your eyes are the most show-stopping part of your face, you want to emphasize this feature the most. Go for a pair of stud earrings that compliment your eyes. If you want to balance out your face more, try small chandelier earrings. 

Glass-blown green pear earrings.

Made by Minori Tagaki.

Minimal drop pearl earrings with sterling silver details.

Shop these pearl drop earrings by Pamela Lauz here

Small sterling silver chandelier style earrings with yellow details

Made by Lisa Ridout.

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