Unique Must-See Fashion Stores In Victoria

Unique Must-See Fashion Stores In Victoria

Unique Must-See Shops In Victoria 

Whether you’re coming to Victoria for the first time or seeking out new local places to shop, there’s no shortage of unique shopping in Victoria. It can be hard to find places that feature and sell truly one-of-a-kind fashion. We’ve created a list of must-see stores that have truly unique jewellery, fashion, and locally-made art.  

Victoria is a pretty funky town- there’s no better way to describe it other than funky. Historical buildings, town squares, and quaint alleys filled with fun and mysterious shops! What makes Victoria a treasure hunter’s paradise is having endless options all within walking distance. Most of the fun is purely from just stopping by and seeing what’s in-store. 

If you only have a limited time in Victoria, we recommend sticking to Government street to make the most of your visit. Let’s take a stroll through Victoria to see what’s in store (literally!)

Artina’s Jewellery

Artina's Jewellery located at 1002 Government Street

To find truly one-of-a-kind jewellery and art in Victoria, you need to stop by Artina’s Jewellery. Artina’s operates as both a chic jewellery store and an indigenous art gallery. Visiting Artina’s is the easiest way to see Canada’s top jewellery designers all in one place. After all, we are the world’s largest selection of hand crafted Canadian jewellery. 

Family-owned since 1989, Artina’s curates and showcases only Canadian artists. You can find unique jewellery hand crafted by contemporary Canadian and Indigenous jewelers. Our staff is happy to answer questions about the artists, materials, and legends. 

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Migration Boutique located at 1223 Government Street

At Migration, you’ll find locally-made clothing, art, and gifts. This is another shop that’s truly local! They are Vitoria’s premier spot to shop Pacific Northwest Living and have the city’s largest collection of local artisans. 

Stopping by Migration is the easiest way to shop for everyday items made by artists in the Pacific Northwest. From jewellery and fashion to wellness and beauty products, you’ll for sure find something special.

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Footloose Shoes

For the fashion-forward shoe lover, you have to make a stop at Footloose shoes. Footloose in an independent and family-owned store in Victoria, BC. Here, you’ll find a wide selection of quality leather and footwear. 

Whether you’re more fashion-forward or comfort-oriented, you’ll find all kinds of footwear to suit your needs.

ION Clothing

ION Clothing by Hemp and Company located at 1312 Government Street

Hemp and Company began as a small shop in New Denver BC and has since grown to Victoria’s best spot to find natural fiber clothing and locally-made home goods. Today, they are one of the oldest eco-friendly stores in North America. Here, you’ll find a selection of “sustainable, eco-friendly, natural fabrics in a small footprint business.” 

We included ION clothing in our list of must-sees because over half of their products are Canadian-made, but all their products are ethically-sourced. Something truly emblematic of Victoria living is living ethically and sustainably, which is exactly what you’ll find at ION Clothing. 

John Fluevog Shoes

John Fluevog Shoes in Victoria located at 566 Johnston Street

John Fluevog Shoes showroom in Victoria. Find more unique stores like John Fluevog in Victoria, BC

Although John Fluevog isn’t entirely local, they’re certainly unique! John Fluevog is the pinnacle of unique finds you’ll see on lower Johnston (or LoJo for short.) On this side of town, you’ll find colourful stores and local vendors with plenty of unique finds you’ll only get in Victoria, BC. 

Lower Johnstone Street in Victoria, BC. Find unique, local shopping and bright coloured buildings. 

Smoking Lily 

Smoking Lily located at 1713 Government Street

Unique fashion that makes a difference, Smoking Lily is Victoria’s premier spot to find locally-made, sustainable clothing. Their motto “no scrap left behind,” is emblematic of their mission: making sustainable clothing at an affordable price. To see everything in action, make an appointment to visit their studio on Warf Street. 

You can find Smoking Lily on Government Street in historic Chinatown. Be sure to check out some of the other funky stores down fantan alley if you have time! 

Fantan Alley in Victoria, BC.

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