2022 Jewellery Trends To Inspire You

2022 Jewellery Trends To Inspire You

Accessorizing can really make or break an outfit. However, it can also be the most challenging part of creating an outfit that’s both trendy and aligns with your style. In this new world of fast fashion and microtrends, it can feel overwhelming trying to constantly keep up. For example, put your hand up if you’ve ever impulsively bought a necklace or some rings at the checkout line only to rarely take them out of your jewellery box… don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

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When it comes to jewellery, it’s intimidating to drop a lot of money on something you fear might meet the same fate as the dusty rings in your jewellery box. If you want to know what you should be investing in versus what might just be a silly trend, this is the guide for you.

VOUGE’s 2022 Trend Predictions

VOUGE’s hottest trend list had both interesting takes and some industry insights. The largest takeaway is that there’s a big resurgence in playfulness and breaking boundaries.   

“It’s as if we’re shelving all the old styling rules and traditions, and moving forward with one core idea: jewellery should be personal and playful.”

--Mie Ejdrup, cofounder of Finematter

Trends as a concept seem to be shifting. Becoming more aware of both environmental impact and labour ethics has made shoppers more conscious of what they’re spending their money on.  

“Everyone is getting more conscious of the environment and overall the way we live, produce and consume.”

--Ana Khouri, jewellery designer

2022 Jewellery Trends

Quality, Ethically-Sourced Basics

Bella Hadid NYFW Fall 2021 wearing vintage basic jewellery

More consumers want to support artists and collectors directly instead of buying from fast fashion sites. When it comes to basics, you really shouldn’t be afraid of investing! These are your go-to pieces that are suited for any outfit, which means you’ll be wearing these very frequently. Cheap jewellery is great if you’re on a budget but it wears quite easily. 

Simple silver studs with flower-like details.
Indigenous Orca hand-carved sterling silver hoops.
Simple industrial gold and silver studs
Simple skinny 3 inch diameter hoops with texture.

One thing you should be conscious of if you’re willing to spend on your basic pieces is to compare the cost of the materials. Quality gold is either listed as solid or 14k plated gold. For silver jewellery, look for sterling silver or 925 silver made in Canada. 

In all honesty, you can find quality gold and sterling silver basics almost anywhere. But finding basic jewellery that’s also completely one-of-a-kind is something you’ll only find at Artina’s Jewellery. 


Meaningful Talismans and Pendants

Two amethyst rings. Ring on the left is simple with dark purple stone. Ring on the right is abstract with dark purple stone and gold details.
Hummingbird ring with blue topaz, Orca ring with garnet, and Orca ring with blue sapphire.

If you’re not into wearing a lot of jewellery, finding one signature piece is a good way to incorporate jewellery into your wardrobe without overwhelming yourself. Look for pieces with something that’s unique to you, whether that means your birthstone, Zodiac sign, or an Indigenous legend you relate to.  

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Bye Basic, Hello Bold

Model wearing chunky colourful choker necklace. 2022 Fashion trends include bold jewellery with natural materials.

The trend for the last five years or so has been simple, dainty jewellery. However, this year’s Fashion Week runway featured a lot of novelty jewellery, or what’s usually referred to as costume jewellery. There’s a sense of playfulness that will appease your inner child while still looking stylish.    

pink hoops made with natural nut materials.
Necklace and earring set on model. Handmade blue glass beads and natural gemstones and brass.

We have lots of glass work jewellery from PERSON and Honica that can help you play with colour and add a slice of quirkiness to your outfit. 

Colour blocking and Chunky Jewellery

Gigi Hadid in Moschino's NYFW Fall 2021 Show. Gigi is wearing chunky and colour-blocked chain and bold earrings.
Model is wearing 80s inspired jewellery. Colour-blocking pink and orange earrings paired with black and white pearl necklace.

Colour blocking clothing has been a huge trend recently, but something new from this year’s runways is seeing colour-blocked jewellery. Colour blocking jewellery is a great way to incorporate lots of colour into your outfit.

Multi-coloured bracelet with matte glass beads.
Amethyst and jade glass beads in an abstract necklace and bracelet set.

This trend is often associated with a lot of vintage aesthetics from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. Try a pair of colour-blocked earrings if you want to play with some more colour in your outfits.   

Pearls, Gemstones, and Swarovski Crystals 

Model is wearing 3 chains with swarvoski crystals. Colourful crystals help elevate and pull the look together.
Sets of pearl earrings with sterling silver and 14k gold fill details.

Pearls, semi-precious gemstones, and Swarovski crystals can help add a little luxury to any outfit. Pearls in particular are making a big comeback. If you’re worried about looking a little too preppy or overdressed with your pearls and crystals, try pairing your jewellery with more street style outfits. A huge trend of 2022 is breaking down what used to be considered class signifiers, like a string of pearls.

Blue Swarovski crystal drop earrings.
Green Swarovski crystal drop earrings.

Gemstones and Swarovski crystals can achieve the same aesthetic results but are often much more affordable than say diamonds or emeralds. Gemstones may also carry additional metaphysical properties that can improve the wearer’s overall mood. 

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