How to Layer Necklaces the Minimalist Way

How to Layer Necklaces the Minimalist Way

If you’re like me, you have a cluster of pendants and necklaces in your jewellery box. I do love the layered look, but most times, I’m at work or in a casual environment. There are certain places to be flashy and fancy, and others to be more reserved. Wearing more than one necklace at a time can feel a bit much... unless you’re doing it the minimalist way! Whether you’re at the grocery store, hanging with friends or in the office, you can still easily wear those layers. Check out the tips below to keep things simple but trendy!

Finding dainty, neutral pieces is easy at Artina’s Jewellery. We have a large selection of petite pendants, delicate necklaces and unique chains. There are endless combinations possible to help you achieve that minimalist look you’re going for.


A Bit of Variety is Good

Layering is a trend, not just piling the chains on. Make sure your pieces are compatible, but not uniform. To maintain the minimalistic look, stick to chains and necklaces that aren’t too bulky and are made from the same metal. Mix things up in terms of texture, type of chain and pendant shape. This sterling silver textured bar necklace, for example, matches perfectly with the small hummingbird pendant, even though the chains and pendants are very different. Both pieces have an earthy feel to them, the bar with its ruggedness and the hummingbird with its nature theme. Their differences don’t overwhelm each other. Keeping this balance is key when trying to achieve the minimalist look.


Pick the Right Statement Necklace

Wearing a statement necklace is a great way to tie all your layers together. This necklace is commonly seen nestled in the middle of the layers or showing off at the bottom. Afraid that this one will be too much? Worry not, your statement necklace doesn’t have to be enormous and vibrant. In the look above, we have three necklaces. I am wearing a Key to My Heart Necklace, a small key heart pendant necklace and an Aquamarine Rain Necklace. Even though the large key is clearly the statement piece here, it is not overwhelming. This look is casual, feminine and delicate all at once. Check out Victoria Poynton's page for more subtle but stunning statement necklaces.


Choose the Appropriate Top

Choosing the right top is just as important as choosing the right necklaces. A V-neck is a great way to emphasize your neck attire. But if you prefer to wear t-shirts or high-necked sweaters, just make sure your necklaces are long enough that they don’t get sucked into your top. Wearing plain tops, monochromatic in colour, will really make your jewellery pop! In the photo above, the necklaces stand out against the black and white, not so much with the patterned surface. I love wearing plain, high-necked sweaters in the office; they’re cozy, professional and simple, perfect for work. Wearing some minimalist layers is a great way to make them look sharper.


Find the Golden Number

Choosing the right number of necklaces is also important to think about when layering the minimalist way. It is completely up to you how many you wear, but bear in mind, less is ALWAYS more. I personally like to wear two necklaces at a time, but it all depends on the wearer’s preference. Wearing three with smaller pendants and thinner chains is a great way to wear more of your jewellery without looking gawdy. If you’d like to wear a larger pendant, like the argillite moon pendant above, you may want to stick to two necklaces to maintain a more simplistic look.


Incorporate a Lariat Necklace

Wearing a lariat necklace at the bottom of your set will emphasize all those lovely layers. We have a dazzling selection of lariats to offer at Artina’s Jewellery. Check out Pamela Lauz's stunning collection in gold fill and sterling silver with colourful gemstones galore. Featuring garnet, ruby, amethyst, pearl, peridot and much more, there is a lariat for everyone. Debra Nelson's Swarovski Crystal lariat necklace above is flashy but delicate in this set. This kind of necklace is especially great to wear when going for the minimalist look, as it can act as a lovely showpiece without being thick or chunky.



Keep in mind that everyone layers differently, it’s a look that can be worn many ways. While I may love the minimalist look, others may prefer the maximalist. If you’d like to explore this type of layering, read the blog below:

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Photography and Writing by Danielle Mier

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