Stacking Rings: A Style Guide for Beginners

Stacking Rings: A Style Guide for Beginners

Have you ever seen a pair of dazzling ring-clad hands and wanted to achieve the same look? Turns out it isn’t so simple! My first few tries at ring stacking left me looking like a pirate with an insatiable appetite for jewels. But although it may seem daunting at first, rocking the stacked ring look is a lot easier than you’d think. Check out these tips for building the ring stacks of your dreams!

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Go Bold with a Statement Ring

A statement ring will be bigger than the rest and have a stone. In the images above, we have three very different ammolite, turquoise and diamond pieces. Any of them would make a great choice for a statement ring depending on the wearer's style. Whether you want to sport Indigenous or contemporary Canadian jewellery, or a mix of both, Artina’s has a plethora of unique handmade statement rings to offer. Choose the rest of your rings with your statement ring in mind and build your stacks around it. Pairing thinner, more delicate rings around this one will emphasize its beauty, but don't forget to give it room to shine. It may be best to avoid wearing any other rings on the same finger at all.


Include a Midi Ring for Balance

Including a midi ring in your stacks will make your hands look more balanced and daintier. A thin, little one like this textured and polished ring by Pamela Lauz would make the perfect addition to your stacks. Midi rings are most often seen on the middle finger but can be worn on others, it really depends on your personal taste. Keep in mind that your ideal ring stack is not someone else’s ideal ring stack, so choose the finger you feel it looks best on. And don’t forget: a midi ring can double as a pinky ring when you feel like mixing things up.


Don’t Adorn Every Finger

Ever heard the term “Less is more”? Many people wear a lot of jewellery as part of their daily style, but it’s never good to have too much going on. In the above photo, Mahaya is sporting a myriad of unique rings, but she also leaves fingers bare. Her look is not overwhelming, so I can completely enjoy every individual piece and the look as a whole. This tip is especially important to remember when you are wearing more detailed rings; let their individual beauty shine by not overcrowding them. Yes, you CAN have too much of a good thing!


Don’t Be Afraid to Use Different Metals

Pairing different metals together will make your rings pop and your hands look awesome! You may have heard that mixing metals is a good way to damage your jewellery. However, silver will only damage gold when they are stored in the same box and kept somewhere moist or if you wear them together all the time (e.g., While working out, sleeping, showering, etc.). In the image above, you can see the amazing things some of our Indigenous artists have done with just these two metals. Many of the rings at Artina's, like two of the hummingbird rings, are even made of silver and gold.


Neutrality is the Way to Go

When you’re covering your hands in bling, you don’t want to go overboard. Big bracelets, wild nail polish and contrasting gemstones can take away from your ring stacks and make you look gawdy. In the image above, I am completely drawn to the rings on Chelsi’s fingers, even though her nails are still gorgeous. I would recommend sticking with one polish colour adding only a small detail or two, or doing a French manicure. As for bracelets, choose simple, thin bangles or avoid them altogether. Having a rainbow of jewels can also look startling. Most of the Ivan Dobren rings above feature blue topaz and white pearl, two gemstones that do not majorly contrast each other. To keep eyes on your carefully cultivated ring stacks, think neutral.

Written by Danielle Mier

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