Gifts Your Mom Will Totally Love This Mother’s Day

Gifts Your Mom Will Totally Love This Mother’s Day

Your mom has always been there for you. This Mother's Day, you want to gift her something she’ll actually enjoy. Finding a quality gift for mom within your budget can be challenging but it's never impossible. Whatever gift you decide to give your mom, it should be something that suits her. 

Mother and daughter exchanging Mother's Day gifts. Mom is trying on sterling silver Indigenous jewellery.

We created a list of budget-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas based on what really inspires your mom. You can purchase most of these items online or can stop by one of our stores in Victoria or Gastown.   

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Inspired by Sparkle and Colour

If your mom loves colour and sparkle, snag her a pair of Swarovski crystal earrings. We have a wide range of crystal drop earrings available. 

Minimal yellow gold Swarovski drop earrings with sterling silver details and minimal green Swarovski drop earrings with sterling silver details
Minimal pink Swarovski drop earrings with 14K gold fill details.
Minimal dark green Swarovski crystal drop earrings with sterling silver details and minimal black Swarovski crystal drop earrings with sterling silver details.
Shop Swarovski crystal earrings here

Debra Nelson’s drop crystal earrings are made with real Swarovski crystals. There was no shortage of Swarovski crystals on this year’s runways. Even if you’re unsure about what to get your mom, these earrings are super trendy and will look great on most face shapes. 

These earrings come in an array of colours to pick from. Choose your mom’s favourite colour or one that will bring out the colour of her eyes!

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Inspired By The Beach and Nature

Does your mom love roaming the beach and looking for small treasures on the way? She’ll certainly admire Kim Naylor’s collection of beach-inspired jewellery. 

Blue beach glass abstract earrings and sterling silver dainty starfish necklace.
Shop the beach glass earrings here.
Blue beach glass with yellow starfish earrings
Shop the Sea Star earrings here
Blue beach glass necklace with 3 tiered pieces.
Shop the Fishing Float necklace here.

Shop the Bounty earrings here.


These starfish and sea glass earrings will bring out your mom’s inner mermaid. They’re an adorable statement piece for those with a more boho style. Blue sea glass is charming yet casual. The jewellery from this line is also incredibly affordable for a handcrafted gift. 

Brass drop earrings with blue and white striped glass ball.
Shop the Petite When In Rome earrings here.
Gold pinecone earrings with white and 14k gold foil glass ball drop earrings with brass details.
Don't see something online? Contact us to see what's available.

If your mom is a little more understated but still loves nature and the beach, check out Wendy Pierson’s collection of lampwork earrings. 

Inspired By Change

Artina’s wants to do all we can to help those affected by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. We’ve been raising money and matching all donations made through us. Additionally, resident artist Wendy Pierson has also created a line of Ukraine-inspired jewellery available in-store.

Ukraine flag ball drop earrings

Check out what else we’re doing to help here

Inspired By Elegance

It can be difficult to find a gift within your budget if your mom has a more elegant style. Luckily, Pamela Lauz has a beautiful collection of jewellery that may fit your budget. Pamela includes both gold and silver details on her products, making them suitable for whatever your mom’s preference is. 

Pearl chain drop earrings with sterling silver details. Single pearl bead necklace with sterling silver chain.
Shop the Chandelier White Pearl earrings here.
Shop the Element White Pearl necklace here.
Sterling silver circle with drop pearl earrings.
Don't see something online? Contact us to see what's available.
Black pearl drop earrings with 14K gold details.
Shop the Rain Black Pearl earrings here.

Pearls in particular are super trendy and are usually a safe bet since they’re a staple in every woman’s jewellery box. 

Model with black pearl earrings and matching necklace.

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Inspired By Sentimentality

If you have a bigger budget for your mom and she adores inspirational or sentimental jewellery, check out Pamela Lauz’s Mantra Collection or Lynda Constantine’s Inspiration Collection. 

Inspirational bar necklace. Sterling silver engraved "trust" necklace with 14K gold bar.
Don't see something online? Contact us to see what's available.
Sterling silver and 14K gold infinity necklace.
Shop the Sterling Silver Infinity necklace here.
Sterling silver with 14K gold branches earrings.
Shop the Branch Stud earrings here.

Whether your mom needs more positivity in her life or you want to find a way to thank your mom for everything she does, there’s something from either of these collections that can help you say exactly what you want to. 

Sterling silver Bear earrings, pendant, and bracelet. Model is wearing business casual cream blouse and sweater.
Sterling silver handcrafted Indigenous Bear pendant.
Don't see something online? Contact us to see what's available.

If your mom is interested in Indigenous designs, take a look at some items from our Bear Collection. The Bear symbolizes courage, strength, and parenthood. 

Model wearing business casual attire paired with sterling silver Bear jewellery.

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