How to Put Together your Own Jewellery Sets

How to Put Together your Own Jewellery Sets

Oftentimes, just one piece of jewellery isn’t enough! Buying a set can be fun, but I love to create my own pairings too. It feels great to wear a unique look curated by myself. And with so many artists at Artina’s Jewellery, it’s easy to mix and match pieces together to make a look that flows.


Creating a set of your own is a great way to wear more of your jewellery and incorporate existing pieces into new looks. If you're feeling a little lost on how to create your own jewellery sets, check out some of the simple tips below. Start with your focal point and adorn away!


Pick Your Focal Point


Choosing a focal point is key when you are wearing a lot of jewellery. Like in our necklace layering and ring stacking blogs, choosing a focal point will complete your look. In the first image, Dasha is wearing the Round Floral Texture Pendant by Janet Stein, this acts as her main piece. It is a medium-sized pendant, accentuated by her V-neck. In the second photo, her wrist is adorned with a hummingbird bangle by Carrie Matilpi. The bracelet is neutral and not very large, it acts as a great secondary piece to the pendant. Try adding to a look like this, some small neutral silver rings, perhaps a pair of round silver studs. Whether you want to go for a bold look or a more neutral one, be sure to choose a suitable focal point to build your look around.


Play Around with Different Materials


Try out pieces made from different materials. In the images above, Lera has a great mix of gold and silver. The hummingbird bangle is gold, the bear paddle pendant is silver and the hummingbird cuff bracelet and hummingbird earrings are both gold and silver. Lera has also added a minimalist, red beaded bracelet to the mix, bringing life and extra dazzle to the whole look. To top it off, she is wearing neutral attire. Her simple and elegant monochromatic dress acts as a canvas for all that jewellery, making it pop. Wearing multiple materials is a great way to dress up a plain outfit as well. Feel that black sweater and grey workpants duo is boring? You can easily add some colour and glamour with jewellery!


Mix and Match the Way You Want


In the photos above, we have two very different looks. In the first photo, Dasha is wearing a jewellery set made by one artist that intentionally matches. This necklace and bracelet clearly go together, making the look very uniform. The jewellery is on the larger side and its colours are bold, Nantel's pieces would look gaudy if they were stacked and layered. In the other set, Lera is wearing a pearl bracelet, a silver bangle with a pearl and a pearl necklace. She also sports a pair of sterling silver heart studs. Even though there are double the pieces than in the first photo, the look is not too busy. None of her jewellery is bulky. Whether you want to rock a totally curated look or a more defined set, you can easily find what you're looking for at Artina's.


Layer and Stack


This won't come as a surprise: layer and stack your pieces. In the first photo, Lera is wearing a lovely set of necklaces. The touch of gold in the center of the smaller pendant matches it very well to the larger pendant. Stacking is also on trend, with ring stacking being very popular. If you are going to stack up your rings though, you may want to avoid going with so many. Your hands can be your focal point, but always remember the golden rule: less is more. Try going with a couple of thin bands or one chunky statement ring. As for bracelets, you can stack those too. The smaller bracelet above is by Honica and the larger is by Karley Smith. Although they vary in terms of metal and gems, the bracelets have similar colours and light to dark ratios.

For more information on layering necklaces and stacking rings, check out the blogs below:

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History is laden with jewellery sets, and the trend will only continue with so many jewellery lovers. Don't be afraid to experiment, just because some pieces aren't a set, that doesn't mean they won't go together. As for me, I like to try on my treasures together in front of the mirror, and am always surprised by the items that complement each other!


Pendants, from left to right, by Hollie Bartlett and Richard Lang.

BC jade bracelets by Pamela Lauz and pearl bracelet by Karley Smith.

Rings by Elizabeth Burry.

Written by Danielle Mier

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