A mannequin models a floating Aquamarine necklace with a silver link chain. Summer flowers offset the image.

How To Get a FREE Gift From Pamela Lauz

Resident artist Pamela Lauz would like to give away a FREE necklace to her fans! Spend $250 or more from Pamela’s collection and get an Element Aquamarine Necklace with purchase. Promotion is automatically added at checkout and cannot be added to another discount. Artina’s is hosting this promotion throughout the entire month of June.

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A mannequin models a floating Aquamarine necklace with a silver link chain. Summer flowers offset the image.
Three Element Aquamarine Necklaces in sterling silver displayed with complimentary orange flowers.

Stop by our Vancouver or Victoria locations to get a full look at some of the new stock we’re carrying. Artina’s recently picked up some new pieces from Pamela Lauz. Be sure to check out her collection here

About Pamela’s Style

Pamela Lauz has a sense of elegance in every piece of jewellery. If you’re looking for dainty jewellery with a graceful touch, check out her collection. The Element collection is meant to “enhance your inner radiance with an elegant hint of sparkle.” 

Three floating aquamarine necklaces with silver link chains are displayed beside white roses.

Perfect for brides or anyone who wants to add a bit of extra flare without causing too much commotion. The Element collection adds just a touch of sparkle without overwhelming your overall look. 

For this promotion, participants who spend over $250 from her collection will receive a free Element Aquamarine Necklace made with genuine aquamarine and a sterling silver chain link necklace.   

About Pamela Lauz

Since 2008, Pamela and her team spend countless hours creating sleek, fresh, modern jewellery inspired by architecture from all over the world. Pamela's designs are distinguished by stylized curves, dramatic angles, and captivating twists.

Aside from her staple collection, Pamela also creates custom jewellery to fit your aesthetic and vision. Pamela wants to make jewellery that truly celebrates you. Whether you want to repurpose precious family jewels or want a loved one’s fingerprint etched into your jewellery, Pamela can make that happen. 

It gives me great joy to see my jewellery worn in celebration of life’s special milestones and as symbols of love and friendship.”

To read more about Pamela and see which of her collections Artina’s carries, check out her bio here.

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