Pamela Lauz | Available Collections and Artist Bio

Pamela Lauz | Available Collections and Artist Bio

Just North of Queens Street in Toronto, you’ll find Pamela Lauz’s Leslieville studio. Since 2008, Pamela and her team have spent countless hours creating sleek, fresh, modern jewellery inspired by architecture from all over the world. Pamela's designs are distinguished by stylized curves, dramatic angles, and captivating twists. 

Two models wearing blouses and simple lariat necklaces. Model on the left is wearing a white blouse with gold chain and aquamarine lariat necklace. Model on the right is wearing a black blazer and shirt with a sterling silver lariat necklace with lapis lazuli stone.

Pamela only uses genuine pearls and gems are sourced from all over the world.

“I enjoy building relationships with gem suppliers who have a passion for finding the best quality stones. For instance, the BC jade in my creations is sourced solely from BC.”

Her jewellery has a sense of elegance in every piece. If you’re looking for dainty jewellery with a graceful touch, have a look at Pamela’s collection. 

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About Pamela Lauz

Jewellery artist Pamela Lauz in her Toronto studio

Growing up in Peru, Pamela would walk along beaches in search of seashells and pebbles to turn into “wearable art” and use every last penny from her allowance for beads and jewellery supplies.  

Pamela has a strong technical background. After completing her Engineering degree at the University of Waterloo, she started working in the software industry. Ten years later, Pamela took a leap of faith by moving to San Fransisco to complete the Goldsmithing Program at the Revere Academy of Jewellery Arts. During this time, she also completed the Goldsmithing Graduate Program at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Carlsbad, California.

Since opening her Toronto studio in 2008, Pamela has been creating stunning jewellery for women and men across the globe. 

Aside from her staple collection, Pamela also creates custom jewellery to fit your aesthetic and vision. Pamela wants to make jewellery that truly celebrates you. Whether you want to repurpose precious family jewels or want a loved one’s fingerprint etched into your jewellery, Pamela can make that happen. 

It gives me great joy to see my jewellery worn in celebration of life’s special milestones and as symbols of love and friendship.”

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Inspired By Architecture 

"My style is sculptural with an organic flair. I’m inspired by works of man (architecture) and mother nature alike."

Pamela is inspired by new and old architecture from all over the world. The intentional curves and flowing lines from these iconic landmarks can be seen in her jewellery. Some of her favourite architects include Richard Serra and Frank Gehry.

Chicago skyscraper. Angular and parallel lines in the structure.
Milan Cathedral with high towers and intricate details in the stone.

On her website, Pamela shares stories from her travels. From Toronto to Bejing, Pamela finds captivating shapes and lines in buildings and art. Whether it’s the Chicago skyline, the Guggenheim Museum, Milan’s cathedrals, or the Eiffel Tower, Pamela seeks beauty in all corners of the world. 

Available Collections

Pamela has several collections available on Artina’s Jewellery. Here are some of our favourite pieces from her collection you can purchase in our Victoria and Gastown stores or online.  

Chandelier Collection

Let these gems sway to your own melody.

Aquamarine chandelier necklace and matching earrings set on sterling silver chain.
Shop the Aquamarine Chandelier necklace here
Aquamarine short dangle earring with sterling silver chain.


Amethyst chandelier necklace and earrings with sterling silver chain.


Shop the Amethyst Chandelier necklace here

Shop the Amethyst Chandelier earrings here.  

Chandelier drop earrings are a great way to add a splash of colour and movement to your look. This style comes in both gold and silver, and with long and short versions. 


Wear your inspiration. Show the world your powerful words.

Mantra rings made with sterling silver. Engraved with powerful words like "embrace" and "inspire"

Don't see something online? Contact us to see what we have in store!


"Inspire" mantra ring in sterling silver with stacker rings arranged on flowers.


Shop the Inspire ring here.


Sterling silver mantra rings with "discover," "embrace," and "celebrate" engraved.


Shop the Celebrate ring here.

This collection has a selection of hand-engraved rings and necklaces. Harness the power of words and intentions with a piece from this collection. 


Let style swing in your favour. Brighten up your wardrobe with a sleek and modern touch.


White pearl pendulum earrings with 14k gold-fill bar.


Shop the Pearl Pendulum earrings here.

White pearl pendulum earrings and necklace made with 14k gold-fill bar and chain.

Perfect for brides, the Pendulum collection adds just a touch of sparkle without overwhelming your overall look. 


Enhance your inner radiance with an elegant hint of sparkle. 


Jade Element necklace. A single jade stone sits on a sterling silver chain.


Shop the Jade Element necklace here.


White pearl Element necklace. A single white pearl sits on a sterling silver chain.


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Perfect for adding a bit more grace and elegance to your jewellery collection, the Element collection is great for those who want to start “maturing” their style. 


Refresh your style with handwoven links shaped like raindrops.


Three jade beads interwoven on gold loops to create a "rainfall" look.


Shop the Jade Rain earrings here.

Older model wearing jade rain necklace and earring set paired with bright salmon blouse and black blazer. Elegant business attire with minimal dainty jewellery.
Shop the Large Jade Rain necklace here

Shop the Small Black Pearl Rain necklace here.  

Shop the Single Rain Black Pearl earrings here.


White pearl necklace with 14k gold-fill loops. Pearls hang from each loop to create a "rainfall" look.


Shop the Large White Pearl Rain necklace here.


Younger, 20-something model in a white blouse and a small white pearl Rainfall necklace. Five pearls sit on gold loops to create a "rainfall" look.


Shop the Small White Pearl Rain necklace here.

Who wouldn’t want to be dripped in jewels? If the Element collection is a little too simple for your taste as a bride, check out the Rain collection.


Contemporary circles with a twist.


Sterling silver loop pendant on a silver chain.


Shop the Medium Infinity necklace here.

A simple staple perfect for layering, this collection uses geometrical circles as the focal design. 


Light up your day with sparks of delicious colour.

Shop the Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli Lantern necklace here.

Model is wearing all black with the Lapis Lazuli Lantern necklace and earrings set. Shot in an urban setting.
Shop the Gold-Filled Lapis Lazuli earrings here.
Model is wearing a white blouse with a deep v-neck cut. The blouse is paired with a seaglass-colored lantern necklace with filled gold chain.

Looking for a failsafe birthday present? The Lantern collection features blue topaz, amethyst, rubies, and more birthstones. Contact us to see what’s available. 


Embrace your unbreakable bonds. These love knots have a velvety texture as luscious as love itself.

Shop The Small Lasso Stud earrings in sterling silver here.

Model is wearing a black t-shirt paired with the gold-fill lasso necklace.
Shop the Gold Lasso necklace here

Shop the Large Lasso earrings in sterling silver here

A fantastic gift for your lover or a great way to add more texture to your jewellery collection. 


Declare your love with this sculptural interpretation of the cherished symbol.

Shop the Small Open Heart necklace in gold here.


Model is in all black wearing the sterling silver infinity heart necklace.


Shop the Infinity Heart necklace in sterling silver here.

Geometrical hearts with a textured surface. A simple yet captivating addition to your jewellery collection. 

Don't see something online? Contact us to see what we have in store!

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