Artina's Gift Guide For 2022's Graduating Class

Artina's Gift Guide For 2022's Graduating Class

Graduating is a massive accomplishment. The fact that 2022’s graduating class finished their degree while powering through a pandemic speaks to their dedication. Let’s admit it, zoom school likely wasn’t the same as the traditional college experience. The pandemic was especially hard on our students. This is an accomplishment that should be more than celebrated!

Grad photoshoot with a 20-somethign model. Model is wearing a graduation cap and is posing with her diploma in a casual outfit.

The transition your grad is about to endure will bring her into a completely new stage of life. Many simultaneously feel joy, excitement, anticipation, and even a bit of sadness at this time. When shopping for a graduation gift, you should look for something that embraces this massive change and gets her excited for her new stage of life. She’s still young yet is maturing every day. How do you find the right jewellery to get for her?

Any jewellery you gift to her should still be young, fresh, and trendy. She should be able to wear her gift to job interviews, brunch with friends, around the office, or on a sophisticated date. When choosing a gift for your grad, go for simple, quality basics. As she gets older, her style might start to change but she should still have those solid staples to keep in her jewellery box. Here are some gift ideas that young women typically go for when shopping at Artina’s. 

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Dushka - For Edgy Girls

Edgy and textured jewelry by Toronto artist Dushka. Dangle gold hoop earrings with oxidized silver. Matching 18k gold seed with oxidized silver chain.

Shop the Hoop Earrings here

Shop the Gold Seed necklace here

Duska Vujoic is a new artist at Artina’s Jewellery that’s already proven to be wildly popular among younger generations. Her jewellery is playful and a little bit edgy. The biggest seller from her line is the oxidized clover flowers. If your grad has a darker style, she’ll appreciate the oxidized silver from this line. 

Silver flower earrings by Toronto artist Dushka. Drop flower earrings with lover flower cluster at the base made with 925 silver. Flower hoop earrings made with oxidized silver.

Shop the Flower Cluster earrings here

Shop the Flower Hoops here

Sterling silver pink gem pendant and matching bubble stud earrings.

Shop the Bubble Studs here

Debra Nelson - For Colourful Girls

Crystal drop earrings in cobalt blue, pink, clear, and blue-green. Earrings are made with sterling silver and 14k gold-fill details.

If your grad likes to play with more colour and isn’t afraid to sparkle, she’ll really enjoy a pair of Swarvoski drop earrings. Debra Nelson has a wide range of colours available. Crystals are a huge trend right now, especially Swarvoski. These earrings are great for a night out with friends or on a romantic date.

Crystal drop earrings made by Canadian artist Debra Nelson. Made with real Swarovski crystals, 924 silver, and 14k gold-fill.

Shop Debra's crystal drop earrings here

Crystal lariat necklace. Blue crystal statement necklace made with dainty silver chain link and stunning crystal center.

Shop the Crystal Lariat necklace here

Pink crystal heart pendant necklace made with Swarovski crystal. Crystal heart drop earrings made with pink crystals and sterling silver.

Shop the Pink Crystal Heart earrings here 

Grant Pauls - Lasercut Indigenous Designs

Raven hoop earrings with lasercut details. Drop hoop earrings with offset design of Indigenous Raven inside the hoop. Made by Tahltan artist Grant Pauls.

Shop the Raven Offset Hoops here

Grant Pauls is an Indigenous artist known for his use of negative space in his designs. This negative space can make a piece appear more delicate and less busy. If your grad has never worn Indigenous jewellery before, choose a piece with a lasercut design.

Indigenous earrings with lasercut details. Tahltan artist Grant Pauls uses negative space to create sun design.
Shop the Sun Earrings here
Sterling silver Raven box earrings. Design set inside silver rectangle and uses lasercut negative space to create for the design. Raven earrings made by Tahltan artist Grant Pauls.
Shop the Raven Box earrings here

Joy Annette and Ebony & Sparrow

Simple and dainty jewelry made with sterling silver and 14k gold-fill details. Made by Canadian artist Joy Annette.
Model wearing silver hoops and matching styled necklace. Simple and dainty design.

Both these artists are new to the Artina’s family and are available only in-store. If you need something shipped, feel free to contact us about shipping options. Both these lines are full of trendy basics made of quality materials.

Ebony and Sparrow layering necklaces. Simple and dainty sterling silver necklaces with forest-inspired design.
Model wearing ebony and sparrow layering necklaces.
Can't find something online? Contact us to see what we can do!

Gifts To Inspire - Hummingbird Jewellery

If you want to send a message to your grad, do it through an Indigenous legend. The Hummingbird, the Eagle, and Feather are legends that may convey messages you want to leave your graduate with.

Sterling silver Hummingbird bracelets made by Canadian First Nations artists. Simple and dainty bangles can be layered.
Shop Gilbert Pat's silver bangles here
Hummingbird bracelet with lasercut negative space.
Shop the Harold Alfred's Hummingbird bracelet here 

Jean Bastien - For Elegant Girls

For girls with a more elegant and sophisticated style, check out Jean Bastien. His line features both pearls and cubic zirconia crystals. 

Shop the Pearl Pendant necklace here

Shop the Pearl Box earrings here

Pearls are also June's birthstone! Birthstones are the easiest gift idea to get for someone's birthday.

Retro-style flower earrings made with sterling silver and cubic zirconia center.
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Siler circle pendant necklace. Interlocking circles have one textured and one smooth circle. Matching silver circle earrings with textured details.

Shop the Interlinking Hoop necklace here

Shop the Circle Studs here

Amy Edgars

Whale tail earrings hand-carved by Haida artist Amy Edgars. Made with real argillite and abalone shell.

For girls with a more laid back style or for those who don't like wearing a lot of metals, check out Amy Edgar’s line of argillite jewellery. She includes argillite stone and abalone shell in her designs.

Shop the Whale Tail earrings here

Stacker Rings and Wrap Rings

Stacker rings and wrap rings are super trendy right now. Artina's carries dainty rings made by talented Indigenous artists. Each ring is handmade with exquisite detail. 

Hummingbird wrap ring with gold hummingbird head. Triple wrap ring with Indigenous Orca design made with gold and silver.
Shop Victoria Harper's Hummingbird ring here
Model wearing stacker midi ring and triple wrap ring.
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HUGE SALE - Pamela Lauz

Pamela Lauz is a Toronto-based artist proven to be very popular among our young customers. To congratulate 2022’s graduating class, we’re throwing a Pamela Sale all throughout the month of June!

Starting in June, purchase over $250 from Pamela’s line and get a FREE Element Aquamarine Necklace. More details in our blog below.

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