5 Meaningful Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

5 Meaningful Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

How To Find the Perfect Gift For Her


Not everyone is good with words. It’s frustrating when you’re trying to express to your lover how much you care but can never find the right words to do it. Ultimately, sharing how much you love your partner is more about making them feel seen and heard. Sure, that little kiss you give your lover every morning won’t be the very last, but it’ll be one that she carries with her for the rest of the day. Gifts like these are like that little kiss she’ll carry throughout her entire day.   

Artina’s Jewellery wants to make sure all lovers feel seen and heard. We’ve created a list of 5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas, each with a special meaning to you and your lover. These gifts are very affordable, ranging from $35 to around $65. 

Can’t find something you like or don’t know what she’ll like? You can find even more selection in-store at 1002 Government Street.

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To My One True Love...

Traditionally, you would think the heart is the true symbol of love. In many customs, a circle is what actually represents the wholeness and energy of lovers. Think of your wedding rings. On their own, they are two complete pieces. But together, they represent the unique bond that only you and your lover share. A circle is symbolic of the wholeness your lover brings to your life. 

Although we have many gorgeous heart-shaped pieces, we also carry a beautiful collection of circle-themed jewellery perfect for Valentine’s Day. 

If your lover has a much more modest style, these pieces by artist JR Franco are a fantastic gift. These pieces represent wholeness, balance, and emulate the sacred bond you both share.


Two circles, held tightly together by one ring, sit together in perfect harmony. You can purchase this necklace here.

You can purchase these earrings here.


I Can't Thank You Enough...

The Salish Nation sees the arbutus tree as the Tree of Knowledge. In many indigenous cultures, its wood was used for boats, medicine, and to treat colds and wounds. This is why the arbutus tree is often renowned not just for its mysterious beauty, but for its protective properties and strength. 

When it comes to lovers, the arbutus tree represents support and growth. An arbutus tree twists its branches in order to allow other parts of the tree to grow. Similarly, lovers must remain strong and bend together in order to let each other grow. 

The arbutus tree is uniquely beautiful and versatile. JR Franco’s arbutus collection makes a great Valentine’s Day gift for a woman who is strong and caring above all else. 

For more pieces made by JR Franco, check out his artist page here


I'm Proud of Everything You Do...

Jade has been used in many ancient cultures for its metaphysical powers. Known as the Dream Stone, jade can help with both the emotional and physical healing associated with beauty and inner peace. As such, many cultures would use jade as good luck charms to welcome abundance and peace. 

If your lover has had a particularly tough year, a jade necklace will help keep her safe from negative thoughts and patterns, as well as give her the courage to withstand anything this unpredictable world throws at her.   

Jade is said to be particularly healing to those with Taurus, Gemini, Libra, and Aries placements. If you want to let your love know that you’re proud of her and want to grant her a year full of peace and abundance, a jade necklace is a perfect gift.

This particular piece was made by artist Karly Smith. Artina’s carries other BC jade jewellery that you can find online or in-store.


I'm With You Always...

Pearls come in a variety of shapes and sizes and give off strong feminine energy. Symbolically, they are known to strengthen relationships and encapsulate the wearer’s loyalty, virtue, and generosity.

In Greek mythology, pearls were said to be the tears of the gods. And if a woman wore pearl earrings on her wedding day, it would stop her from crying throughout the ceremony. Like Venus, the goddess of love, pearls are created by the sea from just one tiny grain of sand. With love, something so small and insignificant can grow into something very valuable and truly beautiful with time.       

You can’t go wrong with these sweetheart pearl earrings made by artist Karly Smith. They are such a classic Valentine’s Day gift, and perfect for those born in June. 

Want to find out her birthstone? For more pieces featuring other birthstones, check out our blog here


You're Unlike Anyone Else...

Still not sure if these picks are her style or if they’re the right fit? Come into Artina’s to check out our Bead Stacker earrings. This line offers a wide selection of earrings just as unique as she is. Each pack comes with several different bead colours for her to design her very own one-of-a-kind pair. Best of all, it’s guaranteed to match with whatever she wants to wear to dinner! 

Bead stacker earrings are only available in-store. Our amazing team can help you find the perfect pair for her style. We also have other budget-friendly options available exclusively in-store.

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