Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

Artina’s Gift Guide For Men

The Ocra collection consisting of the Orca cufflinks, pendant, and rings

Finding a meaningful gift for the most important man in your life is difficult. Although you wouldn’t think to buy jewellery for your man, a nice chain or ring can actually hold a lot of sentiment for him. This is especially true if he maybe needs a reminder of how you view him as a man, partner, and even father. 

Of course, not every man wants a piece of jewellery with a deep meaning associated with it. Artina’s also offers a wide selection of simple, sterling silver chains he may also enjoy.


Wheat and snake style chains at Artina's Jewellery

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Finding a Meaningful Gift For Your Man

Artina’s Jewellery offers a wide selection of men’s accessories suitable for any man’s style. More importantly, Artina’s can help you find a gift he’ll actually feel touched by. 


Men's Orca jewellery from Artina's

In Northwest Native cultures, the Orca whale is known as the “King of the Ocean” or ruler of the underworld. Many believe Orcas are reincarnated chiefs and are seen as the protectors of the ocean. Orcas are highly intelligent mammals and are renowned for their compassion, loyalty, and strength. 

To aboriginal peoples, the Orca is a symbol of resiliency. Orcas mate for life and are often seen as symbols of love. Through challenges and hardships, the Orca knows that its familial bond must be upheld and protected above all else. 

For the man who is truly the leader and guiding force of his family, the symbolism of the Orca can speak to his dedication. 

Shop our Ocra cufflinks here.

Shop our Orca pendant here

Shop our Orca ¼ inch ring here.

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THE BEAR COLLECTION - For The Strong & Nurturing Man

Bear ring collection from Artina's

Although the Orca is the protector of the underworld, the Bear is seen as the protector of the animal world. Bears are fierce, noble, and reserved. Bears are one of the most powerful animals in Northwest indigenous cultures. 

Although Bears wield incredible power, they are also seen as symbols of love and courage. Bears have many human-like qualities, making them a comforting symbol for many people. Symbolically, bears represent power, courage, and physical strength. 

For the man who is a good father and holds a powerful essence, a piece from our Bear Collection can symbolize his courage and strength. 

Shop our ⅜ inch Bear ring here.  

Shop our ¼ inch Bear ring here


Eagle ring collection from Artina's

Eagles will mate for life and hold a special significance to Northwest indigenous peoples. The Eagle has a close connection to the Creator and represents wisdom, intellect, and grace. In many stories and religious ceremonies, eagle feathers are used to represent respect, courage, and a connection to the spirit world. 

Because the Eagle mates for life, they’re viewed as symbols of eternal love and dedication. When an Eagle loses its mate, it may take its own life due to the anguish of losing its lover. 

If you want to celebrate your connection and dedication to your lover, something from our Eagle Collection will suit him.

Shop our heavy Eagle ring here

Shop our short Eagle ring here


Raven ring collection from Artina's

Indigenous Northwest peoples sometimes associate The Raven with the creator. Stories tell of Raven putting the sun, stars, and moon into the world, and blessing humans with water and fish. However, in other stories, The Raven is also seen as the trickster figure, transforming into any form or shape it pleases. 

Much like the funny guy, the Raven is full of mystical powers and wields the power of the unknown. For the guy who might not want to take himself too seriously, check out our Raven Collection. 

Shop our heavy Raven ring here

Shop our short Raven ring here.

THE WOLF COLLECTION - For Loyalty, Lessons, and Good Communication

Men's wolf jewellery from Artina's

The Wolf symbolizes perseverance, intuition, loyalty, and success. Oftentimes, Wolves are depicted as either loners or pack animals. In Northwest indigenous cultures, The Wolf is representative of the balance between loyalty and independence. 

The Wolf is very similar to The Orca, they have strong ties to family and they mate for life. Wolves are great hunters, and as such, they’re renowned symbols of intelligence, good communication, and understanding. 

If you and your man had a particularly rough year and want to celebrate the resilience you two share, something from our Wolf Collection can symbolize the bond you share. 

Shop our Wolf cufflinks here.

Shop our slim Wolf ring here

THE HUMMINGBIRD COLLECTION - For Wishes of Joy and Healing

Men's hummingbird ring with indigenous design

In Northwest indigenous cultures, Hummingbirds are messages of joy. During times of pain and grief, a Hummingbird can symbolize healing and new beginnings. The Hummingbird is meant to be a reminder that life is full of playfulness, friendship, joy, and love. 

Gifting someone with a Hummingbird piece says you wish them happiness, healing, and to bring joy to their life. 

Shop our Hummingbird ring here

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