Artina’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide By Style

Artina’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide By Style


Take the guessing game out of gift-giving with our style guide. Find a gift for every woman- no matter what her style is. 

Having style is much different than being on-trend. Most women know that you can be on-trend and still have a very specific style. You may like to play with colour but prefer to keep it simple. Maybe you’re a little gothic and sexy but still need to look office-appropriate. Defining your style can make shopping easier, especially when it comes to jewellery. 

Jewellery can completely transform a boring outfit. Most women would agree that a simple black turtleneck can be completely transformed if it’s styled correctly. 

Artina’s created this quick guide explaining how to better define your or someone else’s style. Even if you’re not entirely sure if your style fits into a specific niche, this guide will help you understand what elements you want to include in your style.   

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Effortless Style

Likes to keep it simple, but still very chic. Dainty jewellery and minimalist detailing. Knows how to say a lot without saying anything at all. 

Young woman wearing simple amethyst jewellery.

If you’re someone who isn’t sure about wearing jewellery, investing in one or two quality pieces can completely transform your looks! If you want to really transform your looks, you can also layer simple pieces with a show-stopper like the Chandelier Amethyst necklace from our picks.

The biggest piece of advice we have for people with a more minimalist style is not to be afraid of mixing metals or even switching up from your favourite metal every once in a while. Gold and silver can completely transform how an outfit comes together depending on your outfit’s pallet and your skin tone. 

Many of our indigenous artists create simple and elegant pieces rich with detail. These studs by Carrie Matilpi are a great example of how minimal jewellery can still have exquisite details.

Here are our recommended pieces:

  1. Hummingbird stud earrings here
  2. Amethyst chandelier earrings here
  3. Gold nugget wave ring here
  4. Amethyst chandelier necklace here

Playful Spirit

Knows how to play with colour, patterns, and textures. Expert at layering jewellery. Likes whimsical pieces and eye-catching mosaics. 

Young woman wearing colourful jewellery by the ocean.

When it comes to a playful style, you instantly feel cheer looking at the outfit. There’s almost a child-like wonder you get when creating an outfit you really feel good in.

Sometimes, women with a more playful spirit to their style can worry about an outfit feeling immature. We’re here to tell you there’s absolutely nothing wrong with how you want to dress! If you want to add a little sophistication to your outfit, jewellery can help.

For this style, we picked some of our most colourful pieces with lots of natural stones. If you like some of our picks, be sure to check out artists Honica and Karly Smith

Here are our recommended pieces:

  1. Sweetheart pearl bracelet here
  2. Amethyst Holloway necklace here
  3. Bronze coastal curl necklace here
  4. Vermeille bounty earrings here
  5. Nine nuggets ring here

Daring Attitude

Not afraid to stand out. Needs to make a statement and push boundaries with every outfit. Very contemporary and is always the centre of attention.

Young woman wearing modern ammolite jewellery.

If you like to experiment and dress how YOU truly want to, then you probably have a more daring attitude to your outfits. Attitude is truly the best way to describe how you dress. You unapologetically know who you are and what you like, so you’re not afraid to step outside the box and try new things. 

When it comes to jewellery, that’s when you might need to slow down. Jewellery is an investment, so you should choose pieces that are experimental, but can go with whatever outfit you desire. 

Ammolite is like opal’s edgier goth sister. It carries the same magical, light-reflecting properties, but it’s much more wear-resistant than opal. We also picked other unique pieces made with concrete and specks of diamond! 

Here are our recommended pieces:

  1. Ammolite ring here
  2. Quadra Minor necklace here
  3. Gold and silver river ring here
  4. Gold ammolite ring here
  5. Juno earrings here

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