About Us

Family owned since 1989 and a prime destination for visitors and locals alike.

Who We Are

Artina’s Jewellery – The World’s Largest Selection of Hand Crafted Canadian Jewellery. Our galleries showcase over 100 of Canada’s most talented artists including aboriginal West Coast carvers and contemporary jewelers who work with gold, silver, titanium, and other materials.  Proudly family-owned since 1989, our establishments are located in the historic merchant areas of Victoria and Vancouver and are prime destinations for visitors and locals alike.  Our highly service-oriented staff have built personal relationships with Canada’s leading artists bringing unique hand crafted “wearable art” directly to our customers.

Present Day

The current owner of Artina’s is local resident Lera Zakreski. Lera moved from her country of origin, Ukraine, in 2010. She lived in Calgary initially and moved to Victoria in 2017. She had heard that Vancouver Island was full of artisans but was surprised and excited about the amount and the quality of the jewellery available.

Indigenous artist’s works were a whole new adventure, learning about the techniques and legends passed on through many generations. Fashion is a passion of Lera’s, so the vast quantity of contemporary jewellery that Artina’s has to offer makes her eyes light up.

When Lera heard that Artina’s was for sale, she jumped at the chance to continue the tradition of sharing the best of Canadian jewellery with the world.

She believes that every woman who wears a piece from Artina’s gives it life.

Our family owned and operated business remains successful today due to an amazing team of hard working and exceptional staff, our talented Canadian artists and our loyal local and visiting customers who have supported our concept for over 30 years.

We appreciate your support and we look forward to providing quality hand crafted Canadian jewellery for many years to come.

Our History

The Artina's Name