Wearing Your Jewellery with Winter Clothes

Wearing Your Jewellery with Winter Clothes

There is so much to love about winter! Food, fashion, snow, the list could go on and on. But with all the sweaters and mittens and hats, how do we still wear our lovely jewellery? As it turns out, there are a lot of ways to sport your pieces this season. From bangles to long chains, we’re here to show you how you can keep wearing those dazzling accessories when it's time to layer up.


When I first started to get into jewellery, I quickly realized that some pieces are not meant to be worn all year-round. Pendants with pieces that poke out got caught on woolens, little bracelets disappeared into sweaters and chunky rings looked weird under gloves. It was fashion chaos! But there are so many different sizes and types of jewellery, stop by Artina's sometime and see for yourself.

Jewellery, from first to last, by Victoria Poynton, Mary Lynn Podiluk and Michel de Bellefeuille.


Longer Necklaces for Turtlenecks and Puffy Sweaters


Longer necklaces are built for all of us sweater lovers! I’m petite so I wear a lot of my pendants on a 16” chain, but this isn’t always possible during winter. In the first photo, Dasha is wearing a station necklace and a pendant necklace over a big sweater. Even though the pendant necklace is shorter, it doesn't press against the neck of the garment. If you have a specific pendant that you love to wear all the time, try switching it to a longer chain. In the next photo, the bear pendant looks very elegant hanging below the neck of the sweater and shorter chain. The folded neck of the top adds an extra element, an almost layering effect, that is eye-catching. Just because it's wintertime, that doesn’t mean you have to stop layering your necklaces! You can also clearly see the pendant far below; it’s not getting pulled into the neck fold.

Bear pendant by Reg Gladstone.

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Larger Jewellery for Bulky Clothes


Wearing chunkier jewellery will make your pieces stand out more instead of getting overwhelmed by all that fabric. The large Oxidized Silver Abstract Open Pendant works so well with this oversized sweater because its size ensures that it sticks out. The way I see it, the sweater is sort of like a canvas and the jewellery is the subject. This look can easily work with a smaller pendant, but just remember that an oversized canvas with a tiny subject always looks a bit off. Likewise, larger bracelets are a good way to go. I personally like to wear a bangle over my bulkier sweaters; they generally have a large enough diameter that they won't squeeze the arms of the garment too much. It’s nice to not feel cool metal against my skin when it’s already so cold outside and the bracelet doesn't look awkward with the outfit.

Hummingbird bangle by Charles Harper.


Pieces that Won't Catch on your Clothing


Remember to wear pieces that won’t catch on all the layers you will be wearing. As for rings, flat bands and eternity rings are always a good way to go as well as ones with gemstones in bezel settings (other types of settings may hook onto your knits). The bear ring above will go smoothly into any coat or sweater! A flatter ring is less likely to look peculiar under a pair of tighter gloves as well. This rule also applies to bracelets. If you're going to be wearing a lot of layers this year, make sure to look into smooth cuff bracelets and bangles. The same goes for pendants. The pendant necklace above is funky and unique, but there are no pieces sticking off that could get snagged. Wearing jewellery with flat, smooth surfaces is always a good way to ensure you don't tear fabric or bend metal.


Try Out a Brooch


Do you have a jean jacket, sweater dress, fluffy coat or bulky sweater? All these clothing items, and more, will go splendidly with a brooch! These classic pieces are so great because you can put them on almost anything. This season, try wearing one on the breast of your sweater or dress, the lapel of your jacket or near the brim of your toque. You can also adorn your accessories, pin one onto that bulky scarf or large hobo bag. We have a big selection of brooches to choose from, by both contemporary and Indigenous artists. Many of the brooches by the Indigenous artists double as a pendant as well, like the bear pin above by John Lancaster. Brooches aren't just for an older generation, many people in their 20s, including myself, enjoy wearing them in many ways.

 Contemporary brooch by Honica.


Studs and Short Dangle Earrings


Regarding your ears, I would stick with studs and short dangle earrings. Wearing studs is a great way to ensure that your toques won't look awkward; earrings hanging out with no ears to be seen can look a little jarring. They also won't get caught in a thick scarf and are guaranteed to avoid bumping against the brim of a turtleneck. If you're ditching the toques and thick scarves this season, I would go for a pair of short dangle earrings, like the Waratah Earrings by Victoria Poynton that Dasha is wearing. Pieces like these won't bump against a turtleneck like longer ones will and they won't pull the eyes away too much from a more bulky, fluffy winter style. This season, keep your eyes out for studs and short dangle earrings to go with all those fun winter clothes.

Butterfly stud earrings by Carrie Matilpi.


Sometimes these winter months can get very gray, cold and gloomy. I especially love wearing jewellery this time of year because it brings me cheer! Slipping on a cute butterfly pendant or a dazzling gemstone ring reminds of the warmth of summer. I also love sporting some celebratory colours around Christmastime. Pieces made of sterling silver and gold always boast a festive element. Gemstones like ruby, garnet, peridot and BC jade are sure to give off a great Christmas vibe as well!


Looking to gift jewellery this season? Check out the link below to read our blog on finding the best Christmas gift for that special someone!

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Jewellery by Lynda Constantine.


Written by Danielle Mier

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