The Colours of Mardi Gras and Some Jewellery Tips

The Colours of Mardi Gras and Some Jewellery Tips

Do you love beads, parties and dressing up? If so, you’re sure to love Mardi Gras! For those who don’t know, Mardi Gras is a celebration held before the first day of Lent. And while you're feasting and partying, it feels great to look your best. In this blog, we wanted to showcase the scads of dazzling pieces we have in the festival colours gold, green and purple and share some jewellery ideas for the big day.


Wearing quality pieces to a party won't just add to the loudness and vibrancy of the beads around your neck, it makes for a nice personal touch. At Artina’s Jewellery, we also have a lot of more subtle and less flashy pieces, for those who don’t feel like getting too glittery this year. For this blog, we've excluded all necklaces as people usually wear plastic beads while celebrating.

Earrings in first photo, top to bottom, by Ukrainian guest artist Iryna Pinchuk and Pamela Lauz. Pieces in second by Karley Smith. Earrings in last, top to bottom, by Pamela Lauz and Debra Nelson. Rings by Pamela Lauz.


Celebrate in Green


As you may know from our BC jade blog, this province is rich in nephrite jade, making for lots of lovely, local green pieces. Pamela Lauz’s BC jade bracelet is dazzling yet simple, perfect for wear any other day as well. The same goes for her Terra Quartz with Silver Pebble Bracelet with smaller beads. The BC jade earrings by Debra Nelson are sure to look good with all those gold and green bead necklaces, and they aren’t long or intricate enough to get caught on your neckwear. Leaning towards this colour is a great idea if you have green eyes, as the colours on your clothes and jewellery will be sure to highlight them.

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Celebrate in Purple


Purple is another lovely colour used to celebrate Mardi Gras, and Artina's has no shortage of jewellery in this colour. The earrings in the first photo, by artist Honica, are extremely dazzling. Mardi Gras festivals are bold and colourful, making these stunners perfect for the occasion. The bracelet in the second photo is also by Honica, it features some rich yellows as well as purples. The amethyst and purple goldstone really take the lead here though. This piece would make the perfect accessory for a louder costume or perhaps a mask with like colours. If you want to lean solely towards purple, you should check out the many amethyst pieces by Pamela Lauz.

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Celebrate in Gold


If you shop with us regularly, you probably know that we have a lot of gold jewellery, I mean a pirate's treasure-chest amount! Because it does not tarnish and is appropriate for every occasion, gold is a great investment to make if you are thinking of purchasing some new jewellery. The rings in the second photo by Pamela Lauz would make a delicate but flashy touch to your Mardi Gras look. If you would like to spend less and don't mind having a piece that will tarnish in time, we also have many gold-fill and gold-plated options. The hoops and dented hoop stud earrings by Laughing Sparrow in the first photo are 14K gold-fill, and they would make a cute addition to any outfit.

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Some Mardi Gras Jewellery Tips

Leave your Neck Bare for Parades


Depending on how large and grandiose the festival, you may just get beaded necklaces thrown at you. Don't be afraid to pile more and more on. In this case, the more necklaces the merrier! If you're going to a small party with friends and/or family, you could pick up some cheap purple, green and gold beads to throw on. It may also be a fun idea to grab some extras to toss onto your family and friends.


Avoid Long, Dangly Earrings for Safety


This one is a must if you plan on wearing a mask and lots of beads. Every friend of mine with pierced ears has a gnarly story of getting big earrings caught on something. It's uncomfortable and annoying, especially in the middle of an exciting party. Although it may be tempting to wear those large, statement earrings, it's safest to wear a shorter pair. This is especially true if someone starts tossing strings of beads onto you.

Writing and photography by Danielle Mier

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