6 Ways To Wear Spirit Bead Charms

6 Ways To Wear Spirit Bead Charms

6 Unique Ways To Wear Spirit Bead Charms

Our wide selection of spirit beads are all handcrafted by some of our most popular artists, including Travis Henry. There are so many ways you can wear spirit beads, we just had to share them all with you! Spirit beads make perfect gifts when you need to buy a lot for a big group but you still want the gift to be meaningful. We’ve seen people purchase spirit beads as graduation presents, going away gifts, and even for bridesmaids!

Sterling silver charm bracelet beads on boho style background. Bracelet charms for bracelets come in large and small sizes.

With spirit beads starting at $45, these really are incredibly affordable and super versatile. Here are some different ways you can wear spirit beads.

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Spirit Bead a Necklace

One of the most popular ways to wear spirit beads is as a small pendant on a necklace. This is a great option if you enjoy layering necklaces and want to put more dimension into your look. You can create a combination of spirit beads on one chain or just rock a single bead.

Silver charm bracelet beads on styled on a thick wheat chain and thin rope chain in sterling silver.

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Spirit Beads on Either Side of a Pendant

If you really want to accent a pendant necklace, try placing two spirit beads on either side of a pendant.

Bracelet charm beads on either side of a baroque pearl necklace with thick silver wheat chain. Second necklace is a A Grade ammolite pendant with silver charm beads on either side of it.

Spirit Bead Charm on a Bracelet

Another incredibly popular way of styling charm beads is on a bracelet. Pandora is known for similar bracelets- in fact, you may already own one! If you plan on adding one of our spirit beads to a Pandora charm bracelet, remember that the 2-year warranty is void. If you want another option for a charm bracelet cord, use one of our rubber or sterling silver rope chains.

Pandora charm bracelet dupes styled with sterling silver charm beads on black rubber wrap bracelet and sterling silver rope bracelet.

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Spirit Beads in Your Hair

Love putting your hair into braids? Trying weaving a spirit bead into your look! Adding beads and other accessories into braids originated from West Africa. Many other cultures also use hair accessories in this way for various rituals or as a sign of wealth. Wearing charm beads in your hair can be done in many different ways suitable for all hair types, such as weaving a single bead into a single, loose-hanging braid. 

Spirit Bead Charm on Hoop Earrings

Got a pair of hoops you want to jazz up a little? Add a spirit bead onto hoop earrings. Beaded hoop earrings are a relatively new trend that is here to stay! Add various charms to your hoop earrings the way you would with a charm bracelet.

Short silver hoop earrings with charm bead

Spirit Bead Charm on Anklet 

Want to make an anklet with charm beads? Try adding a few spirit beads to the mix. Style this accessory the same way you’d style a bracelet! 

If you want to shop our selection of spirit beads, check out our page here.

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