The Most Popular Types of Bracelets in 2022

The Most Popular Types of Bracelets in 2022

What’s The Point of Bracelets?

Accessories help you express your personality. These small, beautiful details can really define your individuality. One of the most frequently worn accessories by both men and women is bracelets. People from around the world often use bracelets as cultural and religious signifiers. Others may use a bracelet to signify a medical need in case of an emergency. And of course, you can also wear bracelets because they’re stylish. 

Throughout history, warriors wore armbands to ward off evil. Monarchs wore bracelets as a sign of money, status, and power. Other groups may have worn bracelets as a sign of the person’s origin, creed, or family. Today, we’re not that different. Athletes may purchase a power-balancing bracelet to help improve their body’s flow of energy. People may purchase the trendy Cartier Love bracelet as a signifier of wealth. 

The word bracelet comes from the Greek word for “of the arm.” We often associate bracelets with a number of different arm accessories including bangles, charm bracelets, rosaries, cuffs, and armlets. They can be made with a number of different materials from silver and gold to leather and gemstones. Oftentimes, bracelets are the biggest signifiers of personality and individuality. 

What Wrist Do You Wear Bracelets On?

Online, there’s lots of debate about what wrist you should wear a bracelet on. Particularly, there are a lot of questions regarding which wrist you wear a bracelet on based on your gender. Traditionally, you would wear a watch or bracelet on your dominant hand. For most people, this means you would wear your bracelet on your right hand. 

However, if you find that wearing a bracelet or watch on your dominant hand just gets in the way, it’s totally fine to wear your accessories on your non-dominant hand. In all honesty, there is no “correct” way to wear a bracelet. Show off your individuality by wearing it however you’d like!

At Artina’s we get lots of questions regarding our Indigenous bracelets and how to wear them properly. People often wonder whether they should wear the bracelet with the design facing them or the other way around.

Indigenous Eagle cuff bracelet on a hand model with a wrap ring and blue shirt. Cityscape background. Design is facing outward to project messages of vision and power to the world.

Some artists believe that people should consider the message of the bracelet. If the message is something that the wearer needs a personal reminder of, the design should be towards themselves. If the message is something that the wearer wants to put out into the world, the design should be facing outward.  

Bracelets That Are In Right Now

Bracelets have always been consistently popular in fashion. There are a few styles of bracelets that are super in right now. Here is a list of popular types of bracelets that’ll really show off your personality. 

Affirmation Bracelet

Gratitude Cuff in sterling silver. Cuff bracelet signifies gratitude bracelet opens up to two circles interwoven with one single strand.

Affirmation bracelets hold a special message for the wearer. The bracelet may have a positive message carved into it or the message is implied like an infinity bracelet. Affirmation bracelets act as a constant reminder of something that the wearer may need to hold onto. Although these bracelets are generally positive and inspirational, they may also serve as a memorial to a lost loved one. Whether your aspirational bracelet is a good luck charm or serves as more of a spiritual signifier, they act as a powerful and consistent personal reminder. 


Silver and gold knot bangle styled on top of a gold plated chain bracelet.

Bangles are incredibly popular and add a touch of silver or gold to your outfit. They’re typically made of silver or gold and have no clasp or opening. Bangles simply slide over your hand and hang loose on your wrist. Typically, people wear multiple bangles at once to create more movement. Certain bangles are significant in many cultures however, retail fashion jewellery is not held to the same standard.  

Beaded Bracelets

Jade bead bracelet made with BC jade featuring a small silver tab that can be engraved

Beaded bracelets are similar and are often inspired by rosaries or prayer beads. Beaded bracelets are incredibly versatile and can be made from almost any material such as metal, wood, or gemstones. 

If you really want to show off your personality, beaded bracelets are a great way to do it! They can be completely customized to your style and can include more than one style of bead. Additionally, when made with specific gemstones, beaded bracelets can have metaphysical benefits. For example, jade bead bracelets have been used for centuries across many cultures to help the wearer with balance and peace.

Chain Bracelets

Chain bracelets are linked together using metal loops. Depending on the chain type, you can create masculine and feminine looks. Chain bracelets generally use silver or gold as the base metal but an artist may include crystals and gemstones in the design. 

You can create colourful looks with Swarovski crystal bracelets and gemstone bracelets. Both can be completely customized to your desired look. 

Cuff Bracelets

Bear and Salmon Cuff bracelet. Sterling silver bracelet with Indigenous design hand carved into the metal. Design shows Bear and Salmon with minimal details offsetting the main components of the design.

Cuff bracelets use a small opening that allows the wearer to slip the bracelet on and off. This type of bracelet has no clasp and does not move the way bangles do. Cuffs come in a variety of sizes from bold, gladiator-like styles to slim bangle styles. Most cuffs are generally unisex and are designed with the wearer’s wrist size in mind rather than their gender. 

Cuffs are particularly popular among Indigenous designers. For Indigenous carvers, it’s customary to carve a design onto a single strip of metal. From there, the artist can bend the cuff into shape. Many Indigenous designers choose to depict significant legends and stories in their designs. These designs allow the wearer to carry their bracelet with a special kind of pride. The wearer may feel a spiritual connection to the artist’s design, such as a cherished memorial bracelet.  

Charm Bracelets

Model wearing a silver charm bracelet with sterling silver charm beads. Spirit beads can be used for bracelets and necklaces.

Charm beads for bracelets displayed with a small jewellery box. Spirit beads are handmade by Indigenous carvers. Beads shown include Moon and Hummingbird.

Charm bracelets became increasingly popular during the 20th century and are still super trendy today. Many women wear charm bracelets and collect charms as a way to show off their personality and commemorate a significant moment in their lives. Next time you see someone with a charm bracelet, ask them about what each charm represents! 

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Leather Bracelets

Men's leather bracelet with silver plaque feature. Plaque features west coast native design with Wolf and Bear legends. Leather bracelet is dark brown and roughly two inches wide.

Leather bracelets are a relatively new trend inspired by the edgy roughness of 90s biker gangs. These bracelets really started gaining retail popularity in the early 2000s and are currently making a comeback in men’s fashion. 

Men’s leather bracelets today are a little more sophisticated than they were 20 or 30 years ago. Today, leather bracelets are often designed to be more wearable in professional settings than the braided leather bracelet you bought at the beach in 2002.

Silver Clasp Bracelet

Silver clasp bracelet handmade by Indigenous artist with gold frog design.

Unlike cuffs and bangles, clasp bracelets use a small clasp to hook one end of the bracelet to the other. Clasp bracelets are smaller than cuffs and don’t move around the way bangles do. Silver clasp bracelets are generally designed for people, particularly women, with smaller wrists. Many women find that cuffs and bangles easily slip off their wrists. These types of bracelets are designed with tiny wrists in mind. 

Did we miss a style of bracelet? Let us know in the comments!

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