Bridesmaid Gift Ideas (That They'll Actually Love)

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas (That They'll Actually Love)

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Whether you’re a bride, mother of the bride, or the maid of honor, being tasked with finding gifts for the bridal party can be challenging. Much like finding the perfect set of bridesmaid dresses, getting everyone to agree on something can feel almost impossible! You have to consider everyone’s feelings while also being cohesive. It's also nice to find a gift your bridesmaids can continue to use after the wedding.  

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Various colours of pearl drop earrings offset by bouquet of dried bridal flowers

We came up with a few ideas that make perfect bridal party gifts. Jewellery is an amazing bridal party gift that allows everyone to match and show off their individuality. Best of all, these are gifts that can be worn during the big day and for years to come. Bridesmaids can carry a small piece of the sacred day at the office, out on a date, or for drinks with the girls. 

Debra Nelson’s Swarovski Crystal Earrings

Blue statement necklace. This blue crystal lariat necklace is made with sterling silver loop chain and blue Swarovski crystal pendant.

Nothing shines like swarovski crystals. If the bridesmaid dresses are all varying colours, gifting your bridal party with matching earrings is the perfect solution. Debra Nelson has a wide range of colours available and they work perfectly if you’re still looking for “something blue” for the bride to wear on the big day.

crystal drop earrings in various colours offset by Italian-inspired lemon bouquet.
crystal drop earrings come in dark blue, pink, white, and greenish blue Swarovski crystals and use sterling silver and gold fill hardware.

Karley Smith’s Pearl Earrings

Pink freshwater pearl drop earrings with sterling silver hardware. Earrings are offset by romantic, feminine bouquet.

This pearl drop earring collection by Karley Smith come in varying shades. Pearls symbolize purity and wisdom, and are said to have a calming affect on the wearer. Pearl earrings are a great solution if your wedding is very elegant and romantic. Sets come in classic white, off-white, pink, and black pearls with sterling silver hardware. Pearls are super trendy right now, making them perfect to wear during your bridal party’s day to day life.   

Pearl drop earrings that come in black, silver, white, and pink with romantic pink bouquet offsetting the earrings.
Various colours of pearl drop earrings with romantic pink bouquet offsetting the earrings.


Pamela Lauz’s Birthstone Collection

Crystal lariat necklaces with sterling silver and gold fill chains.

For brides and bridal parties big into the metaphysical properties of natural gemstones, check out Pamela Lauz’s collection. Many of her pieces include common birthstones like amethyst and ruby. A gift like this can be truly personable, can be purchased as a set, and made with authentic materials. 

crystal birthstone lariat necklaces in peridot, ruby, and amethyst offset by a rustic, boho style bouquet
Matching birthstone earrings in ruby, peridot, and amethyst with sterling silver and gold fill hardware.

If you want a gift that’s truly personable and can last a lifetime, consider finding out what your bridal party’s birthstones are! It’ll also make for great conversation on the day of.   

Travis Henry's Spirit Beads

Spirit beads are another incredibly affordable and popular gift that can worn a number of different ways. Made with quality sterling silver by artist Travis Henry, these beads are an easy catch-all if you're not sure what everyone's style preferences are!

Sterling silver bead charms with Indigenous designs hand-carved into the bead.
Model in black shirt wearing bead charm necklace and sterling silver rope bracelet

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