The center of this hummingbird bracelet has a hummingbird made out of 10k yellow gold mid-flight drinking from a flower. The flower has a garnet set in the center.
Left angle photo of the bracelet shows carved designs representing the stems and leaves of the flower the hummingbird is drinking from.

Sterling Silver and 10K Gold Hummingbird Garnet Bracelet


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Artist: Brett Borrie, Contemporary Canadian

Material: Sterling Silver, Gold and Silver, Garnet

Type: Bracelets

SKU #: 341887

This Hummingbird Bracelet is hand carved by artist Brett Borrie. He has created this piece using sterling silver, 10k gold for the hummingbird, and a garnet in the flower.

The bracelet measures 6.5" x 0.5" and has a gap of 0.88".

This bracelet would comfortably fit a 6.4-6.55" wrist and smaller wrists for a looser fit.

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