This glass bead bracelet has 20 beads connected on an elastic cord. Each bead is a mixture of shiny silver, white, and yellow with scattered white dots.

Silver Birch Glass Bead Bracelet


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Artist: Darlene Martin-Stuart, Contemporary Canadian

Material: Sterling Silver, Glass

Type: Bracelets

SKU #: 341911

This Glass Bead Bracelet is hand-crafted by artist Darlene Martin-Stuart. Through the process of flamework, she has created these unique glass beads and set them on an elastic cord with sterling silver accents in between.

The creation of this piece was inspired by Darlene's grandmother and her wisdom on all things flora. The mixture of white, silver, and yellow represents the bark found on silver birch trees.

Each bead measures 9mm.

This bracelet can fit various wrist sizes.

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