Side-view of two raven heads, back-to-back. Laser-carved with oxidized silver background. Both ravens have a 14K gold ball in their beak and 14K gold in their visible eye. Minimalist design, by Tahltan artist Grant Pauls. Bracelet is sterling silver.
Left side of bracelet, right side is identical. Laser-carved designs decorate sides.

Silver and Gold 1/2" Oxidized Raven Cuff


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Artist: Grant Pauls, Indigenous Canadian

Material: Gold and Silver

Type: Bracelets

SKU #: 342052

This unique raven bracelet is by Tahltan artist Grant Pauls. It is made of sterling silver and 14K gold.

The bracelet is 6.38" long with a 0.75" gap and has a width of 0.5".

This bracelet will comfortably fit a 6.1-6.3" wrist and smaller wrists for a looser fit.


The Raven Legend Represents: CREATIVITY, MISCHIEF, MAGIC

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