Open Bear Pendant in Silver

Open Bear Pendant


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Material: Sterling Silver

Type: Pendants

SKU #: 247903

This Open Bear Pendant is hand carved by artist, Hollie Bartlett. This open oval pendant shows the bear carved in sterling silver.

The pendant measures 1.5" x 1.2" (4 x 3.1cm ) in diameter.

Chains sold separately.

Please note, these pieces are individually hand carved and may have variation in the design. Please inquire with us for current designs.

Know more about the First Nations Bear Legend. Also, Read more interesting facts about the indigenous legends BearEagleFrogHeronHummingbirdKingfisherMoonOrcaOtterRavenSalmonSunSwanThunderbird, and Wolf. Choose the legend and the Jewellery that suits your or someone's personality.

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