Eagle Head Pendant

Eagle Head Pendant


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Artist: One of a Kind - Indigenous, Indigenous Canadian

Material: Silver

Type: Pendants

SKU #: 245514

This Eagle Head Pendant is hand carved by Haida artist, Alvin Adkins. His work is characterized by wide line design and extremely deep gouging. This pendant is a very unique design because of its offset shape.

This sterling silver pendant measures 1.6″ ( 4.1cm) long.

The chain is sold separately.

About the artist: Alvin's crest includes the Raven, Bear and Orca. He is a self-taught artist who began carving in 1971. He comes from a talented family; both of his brothers, Rick and James, are also established jewelers. His work has been exhibited at the Museum of Northern British Columbia and, in 2010, Alvin received a Creative Achievement Award for Aboriginal Art from the Government of British Columbia.

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