This jade pendant has the design of a wolf howling at a crescent moon with mountains in the background.
The back of this jade pendant is pure BC Jade and is green in colour.
View of the jade necklace on a neck.

BC Jade Wolf Pendant


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Artist: Dennis Kangasniemi, Contemporary Canadian

Material: Sterling Silver, Gold and Silver, Gold, BC Jade

Type: Pendants, Mens Jewellery

SKU #: 350421

This BC Jade Wolf Pendant is handmade by Dennis Kangasniemi. The design shows a wolf with a crescent moon. The artist engraves his original designs on 14K yellow gold panels. The panels are then soldered in heavy sterling silver pendant settings and finished with a backdrop of A+ grade BC jade. He achieves his BC wildlife jewellery by precise hand cutting.

The pendant measures 1.5" x 0.78" (3.9 x 2.2 cm).

The chain is sold separately.

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