Argillite Hummingbird Heart Pendant by Amy Edgars. The pendant is in the shape of a heart. On the left side of the pendant the artist has hand-carved the profile of a hummingbird&

Argillite Hummingbird Heart Pendant


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Material: Argillite, Abalone

Type: Pendants

SKU #: 305796

This Argillite Hummingbird Heart Pendant is hand carved by Haida artist, Amy Edgars. The argillite is carved and then set with beautiful abalone accents.

The pendant measures 1.6" x 1.38".

The chain is sold separately.


The Hummingbird Legend Represents: BEAUTY, LOVE, HARMONY


Please note, these pieces are individually hand carved and may have variation in the design. Please inquire with us for current designs.

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