Amethyst and Wild Rose Hummingbird Wrap Ring Wrap Ring

Amethyst and Wild Rose Hummingbird Wrap Ring


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Material: Sterling Silver, Gold, Amethyst

Type: Rings

SKU #: 231814

This Silver Hummingbird Wrap Ring with Amethyst is hand carved by husband and wife, Fred Myra and Arlene Howk. Fred has carved the Hummingbird shape in sterling silver before setting the amethyst gemstone in a 14k gold setting and Arlene has completed the piece with a wild rose detail.

The ring has a width of 0.6″ (1.7cm) at the face and 0.2″ (0.6cm) at the narrowest point in the back.

Size 7 available.


The Hummingbird Legend Represents: BEAUTY, LOVE, HARMONY

Please note, these pieces are individually hand-carved and may have variations in the design. Please inquire with us for current designs and sizes.

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