Side-view of two hummingbird heads facing each other with their beaks touching a dogwood flower in the middle. Background is closely carved lines.
Side-view of hummingbird’s body and head, design done in ovoids and lines. Both sides of bracelet are the same.

3/8" Hummingbirds and Flower Clasp Bracelet


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Artist: Hollie Bartlett, Indigenous Canadian

Material: Sterling Silver

Type: Bracelets

SKU #: 251405

This stunning clasp bracelet is by Haisla artist Hollie Bartlett. It is made of sterling silver. The flower depicted on the front is a dogwood flower.

The bracelet has a circumference of 7.5" and is 0.38" wide.

The clasp design makes it fit like a smaller-style bangle and can fit various wrist sizes.

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