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Tarnish free and hypoallergenic

Various chain styles available 


925 Sterling silver

Made in Italy


Customizable lengths 16" to 24"

Customizable chain weight


Textured metal

Canadian distributor 

Guaranteed Quality

We've worked with the same family-owned distributor for years. You can trust that our sterling silver chains are made from 925 silver from Italy. See our large selection of chains.

Jewellery Staples

Artina's Jewellery is your trusted source for your jewellery staples like sterling silver chains. Find more tips on jewellery care below. 


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Why Italian Silver?

Italian silver refers to a style of craftsmanship. Italian craftsmanship is generally considered top tier worldwide. Silver Italian jewellery typically does not contain allergens such as nickel, making it accessible to those with sensitivities. Because of Italian silver’s reputation for superior craftsmanship and quality, it’s highly sought after by jewellery lovers all over the world. Our distributors use the highest quality Italian silver in all the chains we order. 

In the late 1800s, the Italian government developed a system to identify fine jewellery makers. Each piece would be stamped with a number indicating the purity of the silver as well as the maker. Although this system changed throughout the 20th century, the Italian government still has specific standards and ratings for their jewellery, making it highly regulated. All Italian silver has a stamp of authentication thanks to Italian government regulations.

It’s important to note that Italian silver can have varying amounts of silver. Some Italian silver may be completely pure, whereas others may have 70 percent silver made with other metals such as copper.

Is 925 Silver Good Quality?

If you ever see jewellery listed as 925 silver, it’s referring to the amount of silver in the jewellery. In the case of 925 silver or sterling silver, it contains 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent metal. The metal component can be made up of copper, nickel, or any other kind of metal strong enough for jewellery. 925 silver is often preferred by most major retailers because it’s more affordable and stronger than pure silver.

Canadian retailers have marking regulations but not to the level of Italian retailers. Although Canadian retailers and designers are not required by law to mark or stamp jewellery, they cannot advertise the jewellery they sell as anything but factual. In Canada, any markers indicating that the jewellery is sterling siler or 925 silver must contain at least 925 parts pure silver in 1,000 parts by weight. 

If you're thinking of purchasing silver chains online, look for a Canadian retailer working with Canadian distributors. 

Quality, Genuine Silver Chains 

Artina’s Jewellery has worked with the same Canadian distributor for years. We work directly with our distributor to ensure we carry the most popular styles of silver chains, including rope chains, snake chains, and box chains of a range of sizes.

Our distributor only deals with Italian sterling silver. This means that any chains purchased from Artina’s Jewellery are stamped and guaranteed to have the highest quality of 925 silver. All our silver chains are made with 92.5 percent pure silver and no allergens.