This hummingbird necklace has a hummingbird mid-flight drinking from a flower with a long stem and leaves. Parts of the pendant have been cut out.

Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Hummingbird and Flower Pendant/Pin


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Artist: Fred Myra, Indigenous Canadian

Material: Sterling Silver, Gold and Silver

Type: Pendants, Brooches Pins

SKU #: 354721

This Hummingbird Pendant/Pin is hand-carved by Tlingit artist Fred Myra. This unique piece has been created using sterling silver and 14k gold for the eye of the hummingbird and the flower.

The design depicts a hummingbird mid-flight drinking from a flower.

This piece has a pin on the back and therefore can be worn as a pendant or a pin.


This piece measures 2.38" x 1.75" when worn as a pendant.

The chain is sold separately.


The Hummingbird Legend Represents: BEAUTY, LOVE, HARMONY

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