Honoring Artists Hollie Bartlett and Honica | International Women's Day

Honoring Artists Hollie Bartlett and Honica | International Women's Day

International Women’s Day 

Artina’s has no shortage of talented female designers. As a women-owned business, we love doing everything we can to uplift both our customers and our artists. This International Women’s Day, we’d like to feature some of the most influential artists who embody everything Artina’s Jewellery stands for. 

Both these artists are incredibly talented and highly respected among jewelers. We’d like to take some time to applaud them and all their accomplishments. In honour of their talent and messages of radical community support and self-love, we’d like to offer them honorary flowers.

Hollie Bear Bartlett

Hollie Bear Bartlett is a Haisla artist living in Vancouver BC. Bartlett’s feminine touch and artistic eye are what makes her stand out from other artists. Her work isn’t just exclusive to carving and jewellery, Bartlett’s been a star in many Vancouver art scenes. From her work in the Indigenous newspaper, Kahtou, to her photography and even graphic design, Bartlett is considered one of BC’s most iconic artists. 

Indigenous-carved Hummingbird earrings made by Hollie Bartlett.

Hummingbird earrings made with sterling silver.

Indigenous-carved Eagle pendant made with sterling silver.

Eagle pendant made with sterling silver and gold.

Bartlett is royalty in the jewellery world considering she’s Corrine Hunt’s (Kwakwaka’wakw master carver who co-created the 2010 Olympic medals) most successful and skilled proteges. After her four-year apprenticeship with Hunt in 1998, Bartlett apprenticed with renowned goldsmith, Michael Reynolds. Through her extensive training, Bartlett achieved her impressive skill and distinct style. 

Wolf pendent made by Haisla artist Hollie Bartlett. Made with sterling silver and blue topaz.
Wolf pendant made with sterling silver and blue topaz.
Hummingbird pendant made with sterling silver, gold, and aquamarine. This pendant was hand-carved by Indigenous artist Hollie Bartlett.

Hummingbird pendant made with sterling silver, gold, and aquamarine.

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We chose Hollie Bartlett as one of our featured International Women’s Day artists because of her exquisite skills and for her continued support of Justice for Girls, a charity helping young girls dealing with poverty and homelessness in Vancouver.  

“In local Indigenous culture, it is custom to welcome honoured visitors with a gift. In keeping with my tradition, I handpicked my favourite whale tail pendant to give to Justice for Girls to gift to the Duchess during her recent visit.”

In January 2020, Justice for Girls gifted the Dutchess of Sussex (Megan Markle) with Bartlett’s gold whale tail pendant. This was a personal thank you to the Dutchess for her continued support of the Vancouver-based charity. 

We’d like to thank Hollie for her contributions to the province’s most vulnerable girls. Her act of generosity makes her a leader to the young women of Vancouver. And every day, she continues to impress our team with her art and skill. Artina’s Jewellery would like to recognize Bartlett’s skill and kindness this International Women’s Day.      


On the corner of Tillicum and Gorge, Honica spends her day enjoying views of the Colquitz River and making jewellery that embodies the nature surrounding her. Every stone, bead, and spiral is hand crafted by Honica herself. The materials may go through several rounds of treatment including tumbling, polishing, dipping, melting, bleaching, brushing, sanding, and so much more before it’s ready. Her studio is filled with wall-to-ceiling boxes of treated and untreated stones. Every piece made by Honica is art in and of itself. 

Pastel glass bead necklace made by Honica. Featuring pink, purple, and blue hand-made beads.

Pastel-colored glass bead necklace hand-made by Honica.

Hand-made colourblocked earrings with yellow, blue and green beads.

Honica is known for her use of colourblocking and attention to detail.

Inspired heavily by nature and child-like wonder, Honica has created wearable art pieces for years and is one of Canada’s most renowned artists. Her work was featured in the 1988 Broadway production of “Cats” and has had her work sold across North America including Saks Fifth Avenue. In 1991, she was named Accessories Designer of the Year at Western Canada's prestigious Power and Passion show. 

Pearl necklace from Honica's champagne collection. Made with hand-crafted white glass beads and pearls.

Champagne Cream Pearl necklace made by Honica.

We chose Honica as one of our featured artists for International Women’s Day because she’s the epitome of what Artina’s wants people to feel when they wear our jewellery.

“Knowing that people will always express their individuality with their own unique approach to personal adornment gives me wonderful scope—I feel that the opportunities are truly limitless.”

Individuality and love for what makes every one of us unique is something that should be celebrated- especially on International Women’s Day. We’d like to thank Honica for all her hard work and for her continued friendship with Artina’s Jewellery over the years.

How You Can Celebrate International Women’s Day

We all need to work together to uplift women across all communities. Women of colour and low-income women are especially at risk of violence and harm. Thankfully, there are lots of ways we can support vulnerable women in our community, such as donating to local charities like Justice for Girls. 

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is #BreaktheBias. Whether deliberate or unconscious, our bias's can affect how we view/treat other women and can prevent women from accessing resources. Artina’s wants to challenge our readers to assess the bias's they may have towards other women and how that bias affects the women in your community. Additionally, we want all our female readers to take a moment to practice self-love and applaud themselves for all their accomplishments. 

To donate to Justice for Girls, click here.

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