Halloween Jewellery Lookbook

Halloween Jewellery Lookbook

Halloween is special to many. For me it conjures memories of going door to door, costume-clad with my faithful jack-o-lantern treat bucket, while yarding my mom along impatiently. But the thrill of dressing up isn’t just for children. As I get older, there are still so many new looks I want to explore. Whether it's cosplaying as a favourite character from a show or simply wearing festive colours, it's always fun to wear something exciting on the holiday.

At Artina’s Jewellery we have a large selection of spooky and dazzling pieces. Whether you want to do a subtle, festive dress-up or a full-on cosplay, we’ve got something for you. Even if you aren’t wearing a costume, these pieces will be sure to give a great Halloween vibe. And because they are handcrafted and made from quality materials, you can easily incorporate them into your everyday style.



Tom Gregorczyk’s Skulls

These skulls by Tom Gregorczyk are just as eerie as they are cool. The sterling silver shines brilliantly and the 22K gold nugget eyes sparkle. Pairing these pieces with black or dark purple fabric will really make them pop!

Shop Tom Gregorczyk’s skulls here


Honica’s Halloween Colours

Don’t feel like putting that much effort into a costume this year? Try on a piece of Honica’s. Rich with ambers and dark crystals, her jewellery is sure to give you a festive look all on its own.

Shop Honica’s Halloween colours here


JR Franco’s Black Cats

Black cats have long been associated with Halloween, so try on this cute set by JR Franco. The gold and silver anodized aluminum around the cats make them the perfect accessory for a Sailor Moon costume, and everyone knows that a black cat makes a great companion for a witch.

Shop JR Franco’s black cats here


Ivan Dobren’s Onyx

The untainted darkness of onyx is ominous, mysterious and beautiful, making it the perfect Halloween accessory. These unique black onyx pieces would make an excellent low-key addition to any costume, and the bright metals are sure to make them stand out on even the darkest of costumes.

Shop Ivan Dobren’s onyx pieces here


Dennis Kangasniemi’s Owls

It’s a well-known fact that owls are associated with Halloween. Adorn yourself with these whimsical creatures this holiday and have a true treasure when the season is over. With precious metals and stunning gemstones, Dennis' owls are as elegant as they are spooky.

Shop Dennis Kangasniemi’s owls here


Written by Danielle Mier

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