April Birthstone | About Diamonds and Jewellery

April Birthstone | About Diamonds and Jewellery

Whether you were born in April or simply love diamonds, this blog is for you! I love wearing jewellery with dazzling gemstones, and for me, knowing as much as I can about the pieces I am wearing is exciting. Diamonds are also generally on the more expensive side, so learning about them can help you decide if you want to spend the money or not. In this blog, you will find information pertaining to the care and deeper meanings of the gem as well as information on lab-grown and Canadian diamonds.


At Artina's, there is no shortage of diamonds, both the Indigenous and contemporary Canadian artists we collaborate with use them. A lot of the jewellery they create pairs this gem with other stones, making for original pieces that are not just diamond-focused, a common theme of diamond jewellery. You can view our unique selection of diamond jewellery online here and visit us at our Vancouver or Victoria location to see even more breathtaking pieces in person.

Rings and pendant by Hollie Bartlett.


About Canadian Diamonds


Ever since diamonds were found in the northern region of Canada in the 90s, they've been making big changes to the industry. You may have heard that these diamonds are superior to others, but this is not true in the way many people think. Although a Canadian diamond is the same as a diamond from any other country in makeup, it is guaranteed to be ethical. Every person who is a part of the process of mining and producing the diamond is paid fairly. If diamonds are meant to symbolize love, then it's ironic when people are mistreated in their production. These gems are also very easy to trace back to their source, providing the buyer with proof of their gem's ethical origins. Furthermore, mines in Canada have taken strict precautions to limit environmental impacts. By purchasing a Canadian diamond, you know that your gem is being attained at very little expense to the Earth and none to employees of diamond mining companies.


Deeper Meanings


In terms of metaphysical, diamonds are seen as the stone of clarity. They are thought to help you find the answers when your mind is muddled. This stone is also believed to enhance your moods, wearing them while you are in a good mood will strengthen your positive feelings.

As we all know, these gems are associated with love and marriage. Their sturdy nature makes them both the perfect symbol of eternal love and one of the best gemstones for an everyday piece of jewellery. Something I love about the 14K gold solitaire diamond ring above is that Fred Myra carved hummingbirds onto it. Both diamonds and hummingbirds are associated with love, making this piece a great candidate for an engagement ring.

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The ring above features a lab-grown diamond. It is extremely difficult to identify a lab-grown diamond as such; these stones are just like the real deal! Unlike cubic zirconias and moissanites, they have the same makeup as real diamonds. Chemically and physically the same, man-made diamonds are identical to natural diamonds to the naked eye. And for those like me, who often accidentally bang their jewellery against hard surfaces, yes, man-made diamonds are also a 10 on the Moh's scale of hardness! The same makeup means the same rank on the hardness scale. If you're looking to save money, lab-grown diamonds are also a great option. Nowadays, you can purchase one for up to 80% less than its natural counterpart. With so many benefits, these diamonds make an excellent alternative to the natural gemstone.


Caring for Diamond Jewellery

Cleaning diamond jewellery is quite easy, below are five simple steps. This method applies regardless of whether your diamond is set in sterling silver, gold or platinum.

1. Fill a small bowl with warm water and add a bit of dish soap. Dish soap is so great for jewellery because it cuts out grease. It is important to choose a mild dish soap as some contain abrasives which will damage your jewellery. Make sure to avoid soaps with phosphate and ammonia!


2. Soak your jewellery in this solution for 15 minutes.

3. Take the jewellery out. Give it a gentle cleaning with a very soft toothbrush or Q-tip to get rid of any leftover residue. Using one of these items is a great way to remove residue in any crevices of your piece that can't be reached by a cloth or fingers.

4. Rinse off your jewellery.

5. Either gently pat down the jewellery with a soft cloth or lay it flat to dry. I always pat my sterling silver down as 925 silver is still susceptible to oxidizing.

If you would like to know more about the dos and don'ts of cleaning your jewellery at home, check out this helpful blog:

How to Clean Your Jewellery at Home

Ring by Charles Harper.


A Word of Caution


Because diamonds are a 10 on the Moh's scale of hardness, many are under the impression that they are unbreakable. Even though 10 is the highest possible ranking, this does not mean that diamonds are indestructible. These stones can sometimes have buildups of pressure inside, known as 'strain', which can cause lighter pressure impacts to destroy them. This only occurs very rarely though.

It is important to note that powerful blows can result in a diamond chipping or breaking. But although such force can do damage, these gems are generally extremely tough. Just treat your diamonds with care as you would any other piece of jewellery and you should be fine. Furthermore, the diamond ring by Fred Myra mentioned before has a very protective design. Fred utilizes the solitaire structure to protect the stone in many of his rings.

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We have maintained solid relationships with many different artists for years and can ensure that all of our jewellery is handcrafted with care, whichever stone it may feature. Many of the jewellers we collaborate with use diamonds in their work, so if you're looking for an engagement ring, pendant or any piece you'd like to take that special step with, Artina's is a great option. For whatever the purpose, finding unique and ethically sourced diamond jewellery is easy here!


With a 10 on the Moh's scale of hardness, you need not worry too much about wearing diamonds on any part of your body. A diamond ring or bracelet is basically just as safe to purchase as a diamond pendant or necklace. Not only are they sturdy, but these gems also have a unique and dazzling beauty that is loved by many. Elizabeth Taylor, whose passion for jewellery is iconic, once said "Big girls need big diamonds." So, if want jewellery that will last, go bold with a diamond!

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