rgillite Whale Tail Earrings

Argillite Whale Tail Earrings


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Artist: One of a Kind - Indigenous, Indigenous Canadian

Material: Argillite

Type: Earrings

SKU #: 298711

These Whale tail earrings are hand carved by Amy Edgars. The argillite is carved and then set with beautiful abalone accents.

Each earring measures at 1.1" x 0.7" (2.8cm x 1.8cm)

-Amy is a carver and young mother who was taught by her father Myles Edgar. Myles was mainly influenced by his brother in law Steven Collinson. Amy was raised on Haida Gwaii and carves impeccable sculptures, pendants and earring following the tradition of her ancestors. Myles has passed down his skills to support the growth and evolution of Haida Art to the next generation of Haida carvers, including his daughter.

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