The Native legends describe the Kingfisher as a solitary spirit and a fierce defender of his home. In nature, the Kingfisher birds are monogamous and can become territorial. These birds are accustomed to living in multiple environments but are generally very shy. People admire the Kingfisher’s fishing skills: it is patient, agile, and quick. 

Oftentimes in Indigenous art, it’s depicted swooping for its prey or carrying a fish in its beak. To spot a Kingfisher in Indigenous art, look for its strong straight beak and short tail. Kingfisher can easily be mistaken for Hummingbird if you don’t look closely enough. Kingfisher often has stronger features, such as its squared head and plumage. One of his most distinguishing features is his large head and feathered crest.  

In Indigenous art, Kingfisher represents the promise of abundance, new warmth, prosperity, and love. It’s seen as a spirit guide that can help improve mental and spiritual intuition while remaining grounded.

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