Father's Day Gift Ideas | Jewellery for Men

Father's Day Gift Ideas | Jewellery for Men

Need a last-minute gift for the father figure in your life? We created this quick list of gift ideas for your dad, grandfather, uncle, or father-figure in your life. Father’s Day is meant for everyone to honour their father and all they do. Even if the men in your life don’t typically wear jewellery, Artina’s carries other meaningful gifts for men.

Legends With a Message - Eagle and Orca

Eagle symbolizes intellect, power, and vision. Gifting the man in your life with Eagle jewellery says you respect his power and you consider him an unstoppable force. 

Orca symbolizes family, protection, and longevity. As highly social animals, Orcas mate for life and will never stray far from the pod. If you want a gift that symbolizes the bond your father shares with his family, check out our Orca jewellery

See the Orca and Eagle cuff (left) here

Ammolite Pendant - For Alberta Dads

As the province’s gemstone, ammolite can help an Alberta-born dad feel closer to his roots. Although ammolite can be a little flashy, Aryn Brower’s mosaic ammolite pendants are a toned-down option that can be reversed. 

See the Ammolite and Mammoth Ivory pendant here.

See the Eagle Ring here.

Depending on how a piece of jewellery is styled, the pieces can appear more understated if that’s his preference. 

NEW In-Store Harold Alfred’s Leather Bracelets

These leather bracelets are super masculine and make a great addition to any man’s collection. If he prefers wearing materials other than metal, these are an excellent option for those with sensitive skin or if he has a more boho style. 

See the Leather Wolf bracelet here.
See the Copper Leather Bear and Wolf Bracelet here.

Hand-Carved Crosses

If the man in your life is spiritual, he may appreciate a cross pendant. These cross pendants both use the Eagle legend. We carry a variety of options that are both detailed and minimal for whatever his preference is. 

See the Wolf Cross (left) pendant here
See the Eagle Cross (right) pendant here

Money Clips, Chains, Cufflinks, and More

Money clips, chains, and cufflinks are great gifts if you’re unsure about what would fit his style. These gifts are very practical for men and are all made with high-quality materials.  

See the Salmon Money Clip here
See the Whale Tail pendant here

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