Best Jewellery Repair Stores In Victoria

Best Jewellery Repair Stores In Victoria

Need a ring resized or a gold chain repaired? Anytime jewellery breaks, you should take it to an expert with years of experience. If you purchase something from Artina’s Jewellery that breaks or needs to be resized, the first thing you need to do is reach out to our team. We’ll work with you to decide the best course of action. Solutions for broken jewellery may include contacting the designer to resolve the issue or contacting a trusted partner. 

There are a few places we trust to repair jewellery in Victoria, BC. If you have broken jewellery that needs fixing, we’d recommend going to one of the following jewellery repair stores.

Why do we recommend coming to Artina’s first? When you purchase jewellery from Artina’s, we want to ensure your piece lasts for years to come, so we want to be there if something does go wrong. In many cases, we can quickly resolve the issue in-store but other issues may require us to contact the artist. Artina’s Jewellery has a long-standing relationship with some jewellery repair experts in town. If we ever have to send your jewellery off to a partner, you can ensure that it’s done with the utmost care and consideration through our referral. 

First Choice - Elite Link Enterprises

Located on the corner of Johnston and Broad, Artina’s and Elite Link have had a long-standing relationship regarding jewellery repair. If we ever need to send your jewellery off to be repaired, this is usually our first option. You won’t find a website for Elite Link but every Google review raves about Roger’s expertise and professionalism. 

Second Choice - MacDonald & Horridge 

Another team of jewellers with years of experience under their belts. They’re both incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and use high-quality materials in their work. Most of their reviews rave about their custom design skills, but they’re also known for quality and speedy jewellery repair. 

Third Choice - Vanessa Jewellers

Vanessa Jewellers has experience working with ammolite and other fine gemstones. Vanessa Jewellery has experience in watches, eyeglasses, resizing, and jewellery appraisal. Their repairs are done on-site, therefore, can be done relatively quickly. 

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