Janet Stein

Janet Stein

Janet worked in Edmonton, Albert from 1995 to 2009 under the mentorship of Wayne Mackenzie.  Her art training includes a BFA from the University of Alberta, majoring in graphic design.  She also studied jewellery-making in Florence, Italy in 2002.

Janet moved to Kelowna in 2009, where she works in her home studio, doing her wax work and casting, but spends most of her time at her other studio in the Rotary Centre for the Arts.  Janet is drawn to clean, fluid shapes and tries to find harmony and balance in her designs.  The textures she uses are inspired by nature and interpreted by metal.  The expression of her creativity comes through the metal and gems that she works with.  For this reason she makes each and every piece of jewellery that she sells.

” I love the connection that I then feel to the people that enjoy my designs.  For me, this sharing is part of the creative process.” -Janet Stein

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