Aryn Bowers

Aryn Bowers

Aryn was born in 1978 in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory and is now based out of Vancouver, BC. He has been making jewellery with fossilized mammoth ivory for over 10 years, incorporating a variety of stones and gems.

He loves to use the rare and valuable opal-like gemstone ammolite, which comes from fossilized ammonite shells in southern Alberta. The fossilized mammoth ivory Aryn uses is sourced from the Klondike mining area of the Yukon Territory in Canada. Aryn combines the flakes of the ammolite gemstone with the ivory in resin for a beautifully colourful finished product.

The mammoth ivory is from prehistoric mammoth fossils, and is a genuine ivory product which is legal for worldwide trade since no animals are harmed in its collection.

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