Charles Harper

Charles Harper

Charles started his carer in 1974 creating unique Northwest Coast designs. He is widely known for his work in platinum, gold and sterling silver. His gold on sterling combinations are especially alluring.

Charles gained his inspiration from Master Carver, Lloyd Wadhams Sr. as well as from George and Dennis Matilpi from the Kwakwaka'wakw Nation at Alert Bay on Cormorant Island, British Columbia. Lloyd Wadhams was taught by Mungo Martin and Willie Seaweed, both very well known and proficient totem pole carvers. Charles also carves totem poles and wood sculpture. A twenty foot totem pole of Charles' was commissioned in 1977 and now stands in Holland sharing the spirit of the West Coast.

Charles developed his own technique and unique style which expresses his integrity, strength of character and gentle spirit. He favours working with designs of the traditional totems: Orca Whale, Thunderbird, Bear, Raven, Eagle, and Hummingbird.

Instock Processing Time: 2 - 5 days

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