Eagle Money Clip

  • Artist: First Nations Canadian, Harold Alfred

  • Legend: Eagle

  • Material: Silver

  • Type: Mens Jewellery

  • Location: Victoria

  • Stock: In Store

  • SKU#: 270079

  • CAN Price: $135.00

  • USD Price: $104.30

  • Processing Time: If you see “Inquire With Us”, don’t hesitate to send us a message or phone us, so we can make the item available to purchase online. With the busy season coming we need to make sure that the item hasn’t been sold from one of the stores.

This Eagle Money Clip is hand carved by artist, Harold Alfred.  The design of the Eagle is hand carved on sterling silver, then affixed to a spring steel money clip.

The money clip measures approximately 1.1″x 2.1″ (2.8 x 5.4cm).

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