Atlantis Green Chunky Necklace

  • Artist: Contemporary Canadian, Honica

  • Type: Necklaces

  • Location: Victoria

  • Stock: In Store

  • SKU#: 306867

  • CAN Price: C$540.00

  • USD Price: $417.20

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Atlantis Green chunky necklace by Honica.  The shimmering greens of abalone are enhanced by handmade glass beads, Swarovski crystal, pearls and as always, Honica’s signature brass work.

“Legends… you don’t have to believe them… they don’t have to be true… yet, who knows?  There is always “what might have been” to enrich your imagination.  First mentioned in the writings of Plato, the legendary island Atlantis vanished in a single day-did it sink under the waves or did the sea rise up to cover it?  Like this magical place, described in classical antiquity, the iridescent deep ocean colours of this ‘Atlantis’ jewellery collection are fantastical and mysterious.”

*Please note, these pieces are individually handmade and may not look identical to the image. Please inquire with us for current designs.

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